Tuesday, May 26

I'm In No Mood For Love

College summer classes officially started today, I am so not looking forward to them. I would have rather took the summer off, but didn't need too!!! I am taking English Composition 2 and Constitutional Criminal Procedure. I am falling behind on reading and watching movies lately. I did manage to read one this week. If you are stumbling upon my blog please please follow! I only have 7 followers and its kind of depressing! lol

I'm In No Mood For Love

Summary: How's this for a bad day? You come across your fiance and the Sears repairman in the act, stand up in a friend's wedding with a smile plastered on your face, get smashed at the hotel bar, and wake up virtually naked with, not a stranger, but with your old childhood nemesis exiting the shower.

My Thoughts: I am a sucker for Rachel Gibson. I've read about half of her books and they are a guilty pleasure for me! I enjoy them, and always get a laugh out of them. I really liked the concept of waking up with your nemesis, NAKED and thinking to yourself, "what the hell just happened, what did I do?" It was a cute and laughable story! I will be catching up on the rest of her books!

I decided I need to set some kind of goals for myself. I'll start off slow.
1. I will read one book a week that is a wishlist book on PBS and list it so someone else can have it! ( I am pretty sure I can manage 2 books a week, probably more)
2. I will read and list at least one book a week on bookmoch, rather it gets mooched or not.
3. I will make sure I at least read one book a month that is a series book (I have series I haven't even touched yet)
4. I will always keep a few points/credits on hand so those of you who want to grant me a wishlist book, please do!!! It makes me soooo happy!!!! haha.

I think those are good goals I can accomplish, or at least I hope.

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Anonymous said...

Did you now love this book? After I read this book I went out and got all of Rachel Gibsons books.


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