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The Jock And The Fat Chick by Nicole Winters

The Jock And The Fat Chick by Nicole Winters
Release Date: October 13, 2015
Publisher:  HarperCollins
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 250

Summary:  No one ever said high school was easy. In this hilarious and heartwarming debut, one high school senior has to ask himself how much he's willing to give up in order to fit in.

Kevin seems to have it all: he's popular, good looking, and on his way to scoring a college hockey scholarship. However, he's keeping two big secrets. The first is that he failed an assignment and is now forced to take the most embarrassing course ever--domestic tech. The second is that he is falling for his domestic tech classmate, Claire.

As far as Kevin is concerned, Claire does have it all: she's funny, smart, beautiful, and confident. But she's off-limits. Because Kevin knows what happens when someone in his group dares to date a girl who isn't a cheerleader, and there's no way he is going to put himself—or Claire—through that.

But steering clear of the girl of his dreams is a lot harder than Kevin thought…especially when a cooking project they are paired together for provides the perfect opportunity for things to heat up between them outside the classroom….

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My Thoughts:  We are introduced to Kevin who is really into sports. He plays hockey and all he can really think about at the moment is getting a hockey scholarship. He lives at home with his mom and mostly lives off junk food and whatever he can find at the moment. Kevin is part of the popular crowd and all the guys aren’t very considerate really. They constantly make jokes about the girls who are overweight or have extra meat on their bones.

His coach realizes how bad he’s eating and that he isn’t doing the best at some of his classes and ends up making him take a domestic class! He gets to learn how to cook!  Sounds fun, right? Not to Kevin! If anyone finds out he’ll be so embarrassed!  

Well, he ends up in the class and finds himself really liking it. He starts eating healthy and actually making himself the right kind of food. He also meets a girl named Claire. I really liked her. But of course, she’s a bit of a bigger girl. Her personality was awesome! I never really saw her as anything else but Claire. But of course Kevin finds himself falling for her but he’s scared to admit it to anyone in fear of them making fun of her and embarrassing himself.

I did like this one. I loved the cooking moments and getting to know Kevin and Claire. I also liked Claire’s parents. I did have a little bit of trouble with Kevin’s voice at times. I always just like reading girl narrators better. I relate more. And, there was some crude language but that didn’t really bother me.

I was happy with how things ended up turning out, even though there were a lot of bumps in the road.

Overall: I would probably give this one a 3.5 cupcake rating. I liked it but I didn’t love it. And it did interest me as I read through it. I liked Kevin even though I struggled a little bit with him. I also laughed out loud a few times!

Cover: Like it! Like the colors!! 

What I'd Give It:

Monday, October 19

Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru by Tera Lynn Childs

Ten Things Sloane Hates About Tru by Tera Lynn Childs
Release Date: September 10, 2015
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 240

Summary:  When life gives you a blank canvas, make art.

Sloane Whitaker hates everything about moving to Texas. She hates leaving behind her friends and half her family in New York, starting over senior year at Austin’s NextGen Academy, and having to say she lives in Texas. Most of all, she hates that it’s all her fault. If she wants to earn her way back to the Big Apple, she has to prove she can still be the perfect daughter.

Which means no vandalism art, no trouble at school, and absolutely no Tru Dorsey, her serial screw-up neighbor, who loves nothing more than pushing her buttons.

But from the moment he vaults onto the roof outside her bedroom, there is something about him that makes her want to break every rule. Suddenly it’ s not the ten things she hates about Tru that are at the top of her list. It’s the ten reasons she doesn’t want to be without him.

My Thoughts: I wasn’t sure what I was really getting into as I started this one. I remember requesting it originally and knowing it sounded good but I randomly decided to read it one night on my kindle.

And I thought it was a cute story! We are introduced to Sloane who has gotten into some trouble at her old school so her mother uproots her and they decide to go away for a little while so Sloane can start over. New school, new friends, new life.

Sloane and her mother move into a nice little house next door to her mom’s old friend. She has a son named Tru. Tru is popular and a good guy. But even though people believe he’s a good guy he gets into a lot of trouble. And he’s mischievous. Sloane’s mom tells her to stay away from him!

I just knew from the first night he jumped up on her roof things were gonna be crazy! And sweet, and romantic. Tru and Sloane become friends and someone ends up doing the exact same thing at Sloane’s new school that she got into trouble for at the old school. And, of course some blame Tru.  The culprit turns out to be the person I thought it may be.  Kind of suspected that.

I really did enjoy this one. I thought it was cute and I enjoyed getting to know Tru and Sloane both.

Overall: This one was a very fast read for me. And though it does have some deep lessons it was a cute and fun read. I just loved learning about Sloane’s art but I also liked seeing Tru’s deep personality! Very nice! I'd probably rate this between a 3.5 and 4 cupcake rating!

Cover:  Love it! I’d pick it up. Very nice. Romantic!! 

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Monday, October 12

Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis

Spinning Starlight by R.C. Lewis
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 336

Summary: Sixteen-year-old heiress and paparazzi darling Liddi Jantzen hates the spotlight. But as the only daughter in the most powerful tech family in the galaxy, it's hard to escape it. So when a group of men show up at her house uninvited, she assumes it's just the usual media-grubs. That is, until shots are fired.

Liddi escapes, only to be pulled into an interplanetary conspiracy more complex than she ever could have imagined. Her older brothers have been caught as well, trapped in the conduits between the planets. And when their captor implants a device in Liddi's vocal cords to monitor her speech, their lives are in her hands: One word and her brothers are dead.

Desperate to save her family from a desolate future, Liddi travels to another world, where she meets the one person who might have the skills to help her bring her eight brothers home-a handsome dignitary named Tiav. But without her voice, Liddi must use every bit of her strength and wit to convince Tiav that her mission is true. With the tenuous balance of the planets deeply intertwined with her brothers' survival, just how much is Liddi willing to sacrifice to bring them back?

Haunting and mesmerizing, this retelling of Hans Christian Andersen'sThe Wild Swans strings the heart of the classic with a stunning, imaginative world as a star-crossed family fights for survival in this companion to Stitching Snow.

My Thoughts: I really loved Stitching Snow last year when I read it! And, I enjoyed this one I’m not too familiar with the story of The Seven Swans.

We are introduced to Liddi who lives in a world where she’s the richest of them all and will have a lot of power one day. A day very soon.

She has eight brothers! What a big family. Her mother and father are both dead. Her brothers are all some kind of inventors and she’s expected the same fate but she has a lot more trouble than any of them. She doesn’t have as many ideas or she thinks not.

Well, when Liddi gets put in a position where she’s under siege and people are out to get her, she travels to another place to get help. But, she actually doesn't quite end up where she wants to go and ends up somewhere else. She meets a boy named Tiav. I really liked him. I was drawn to get from the get go. Just something about him was sweet and sincere.

I really liked watching Liddi get to know Tiav, even without speaking and how things happened slowly between them. I also liked seeing how her mind worked on how she was going to get everything back to the way it should be.

I really did like this one. It was complex yet a fast read for me. And, I was happy with the ending.

Overall: This was a bit confusing at times, but I flew right through it. Its one of those books you have to go into with an open mind and know things can happen that might not happen in our world. I really enjoyed getting to know Liddi and Tiav.

Cover:  Like it. I think the colors work!

What I’d Give It:

Thursday, October 8

Miss Mayhem (Rebel Belle #2) by Rachel Hawkins

Miss Mayhem (Rebel Belle #2) by Rachel Hawkins
Release Date:  April 7, 2015
Age Group:  Young Adult
Pages: 288

Summary:  Life is almost back to normal for Harper Price. The Ephors have been silent after their deadly attack at Cotillion months ago, and her best friend, Bee, has returned after a mysterious disappearance. Now Harper can focus on the important things in life: school, canoodling with David (her nemesis-turned-ward-slash-boyfie), and even competing in the Miss Pine Grove pageant.

Unfortunately, supernatural chores are never done. The Ephors have decided they’d rather train David than kill him. The catch: Harper has to come along for the ride, but she can’t stay David’s Paladin unless she undergoes an ancient trial that will either kill her . . . or make her more powerful than ever.

My Thoughts:  I really remembering liking the first one in this series so I was hoping I would like the second one. And I did.

We are back with Harper and her crazy life. She is still guarding David, her newish boyfriend who also has come into some of his own powers and identity. And, than there is Bea. Sweet best friend Bea who might also end up protecting David someday.

I don’t think this one was as great as the first even though I did like it. I just love Harper’s banter and her wicked sense of humor. But I did like how Harper competes in the Miss Pine Grove Pageant even though a lot of the story does focus on that.  

I think this is definitely worth reading and if you liked the first one you’ll be glad to be back with all the characters and back into their world.

Overall:  I still really like David. Just something about him draws me in. And I still like the way Harper and David get a long. If there is a third one, I’ll be picking up. This one is probably more a of a 3.5 cupcake rating for me.

Cover:  Like it. It fits with the story pretty perfectly!

What I’d Give It:

Tuesday, October 6

Future Perfect by Jen Larsen

Future Perfect by Jen Larsen
Release Date: October 6, 2015
Publisher: HarperTeen
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 320

Summary:  Every year on her birthday, Ashley Perkins gets a card from her grandmother—a card that always contains a promise: lose enough weight, and I will buy your happiness.

Ashley doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the way she looks, but no amount of arguing can persuade her grandmother that “fat” isn’t a dirty word—that Ashley is happy with her life, and her body, as it is.
But Ashley wasn’t counting on having her dreams served up on a silver platter at her latest birthday party. She falters when Grandmother offers the one thing she’s always wanted: tuition to attend Harvard University—in exchange for undergoing weight loss surgery.

As Ashley grapples with the choice that little white card has given her, she feels pressured by her friends, her family, even administrators at school. But what’s a girl to do when the reflection in her mirror seems to bother everyone but her?

Through her indecisions and doubts, Ashley’s story is a liberating one—a tale of one girl, who knows that weight is just a number, and that no one is completely perfect.

My Thoughts: I’ve already read a few books this year about weight loss. And, while I’m trying to lose weight, I know its hard! Really hard!

We are introduced to Ashley who is a bigger girl. She’s pretty much accepted that she’s not skinny and she’s ok with the way she looks for the most part. She’s used to her body.

Every year her grandmother tries to offer her something to make her lose the weight. I know, I know this sounds horrible and it is, but I think the grandmother does just want whats best for Ashley even though this isn’t really the best way to go about it. I liked the beginning of the story. Ashley was a character to really like and root for. But, by the middle it just wasn’t holding my interest like I like books to do. I usually fly through them and this one just had me putting it down more than picking it up.  I just had a hard time really getting into it.

I liked this one enough and I liked the ending the most. I just had a hard time with it. I liked the side characters too. I liked Ashley’s dad, and her friends.

Overall:  I liked this one enough, I did finish it. I just couldn’t stay in tune with it I guess.  I can see where some will love this book to pieces but it was just okay for me. Which is ok by me since I can’t love every single book I read!

Cover:  Like it! Love the blueish color. Also the dresses!

What I’d Give It:

Sunday, October 4

Not After Everything by Michelle Levy

Not After Everything by Michelle Levy
Release Date: August 4, 2015
Publisher: Dial Books
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages:  336

Summary:  A gritty but hopeful love story about two struggling teens—
great for fans of The Spectacular Now, Willow, and Eleanor and Park

Tyler has a football scholarship to Stanford, a hot girlfriend, and a reliable army of friends to party with. Then his mom kills herself. And Tyler lets it all go. Now he needs to dodge what his dad is offering (verbal tirades and abuse) and earn what his dad isn’t (money). Tyler finds a job that crashes him into Jordyn, his former childhood friend turned angry-loner goth-girl. She brings Tyler an unexpected reprieve from the never-ending pity party his life has become. How could he not fall for her? But with his dad more brutally unpredictable than ever, Tyler knows he can’t risk bringing Jordyn too deeply into the chaos. So when violence rocks his world again, will it be Jordyn who shows him the way to a hopeful future? Or after everything, will Tyler have to find it in himself?

My Thoughts:  Wow, oh Wow, I loved this one!  

We are introduced to Tyler who had everything going for him. Popular, pretty cheerleader girlfriend, on the football team, okay family! And smart and plans to go to a great college.

Until one day he comes home and finds his mom dead. She committed suicide. After this, Tyler’s whole world just shifts. His dad loses it and is always drunk and angry. And he beats Tyler up. He’s emotionally and physically abusive. Tyler still goes to school but only when he feels like it and nobody seems to really care. He quits the football team and just lets his dreams go down the drain. He feels responsible for his mom’s death. He feels like his life is meaningless now.

Tyler ends up getting a job at a photography studio and things start to look up. He meets a new girl named Jordyn. Well he really already knows her, but now he really gets to know her. In a new way.

I want to say so much about this one, but it’s one of those where I just can’t put into words how much I enjoyed it. I read right through it within a day. I really really loved it. And it’s from a boy’s point of view which I normally don’t find myself enjoying very much. Tyler was real and so raw. I understood him and it was heartbreaking at times. And his dog. Oh that scene with Captain I teared up and thought I was gonna just cry and cry!
And learning everything I did about his mom and his family just made me have so many feels. It probably doesn’t help that I lost my mom this year as well. This was just heartbreaking and so raw but I enjoyed reading about Tyler and how he overcame everything.

Overall: I could probably write a whole great review on this one even more than I already have. I liked it that much!!!  Definately add this one to your TBR right now!
Cover: Love it! I’d have to pick this one up if I saw it! It’s just sooo sweet and neat!

What I’d Give It:


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