Friday, July 10

Summer Boys by Hailey Abbott

Summary: It's summer. It's hot. And it's time to hook up. Cousins Ella, Beth, and Jamie are at their family's beach house for the summer, and they're gearing up for the wildest time of their lives. Sassy Ella is majorly crushing on a sexy older boy--who just happens to be her sister's new boyfriend. Meanwhile, practical Beth is surprised when she finds herself falling for her best friend George. And shy, creative Jamie gets her heart broken when her summer love abandons her. Three girls, too many boys, and some seriously stormy all adds up to one unforgettable summer.

My Thoughts: This is the first book in a series. It started out a little confusing for me but quickly picked up. There are 3 girls and it was hard to distinguish between them. I kept having to flip to the back of the book to remember who was who. The three guys in the book I had no problem remembering. But they had very easy names for me to remember and they were each so different. The girls are cousins and each one has their own distinct personality but their names I had a hard time remembering. By the end of the book I knew who was who and could keep each story straight. We learned a little bit about each girl and their relationships. This book is definitely a light summer read. One you would take to the beach and enjoy it with a best friend or while your scooping out a love interest. I related to Beth the most. She reminded me a lot of myself. I also felt more connected to the boy she was crushing on. I also like the cover. It is plain but just the right kind of plain. We see the girl in clear focus and the boy is faded into the background. It also fits the book because the story takes place in a beach area. This book didn't take too much serious thought but was a fun read. I will be definitely be reading the rest of the series once I get my hands on them.


Two young Americans with special abilities must race to find a girl in Hong Kong before a shadowy government organization called Division does.

My Thoughts: I enjoyed watching this movie. It reminded me a lot of Jumper though. I liked seeing the abilities they had. I also liked seeing Chris Evans (I adore him) and it was neat seeing Dakota Fanning as a teenager. I really liked her character too! Those were my two reasons for watching it, Dakota and Chris! This movie is a good movie and I'm glad I did watch it. It is definitely a rent movie, but you have to really sit down and watch it or else it would be really easier to get lost on what is going on.


Katrina said...

Wow, you got some good looking stuff.
By the way, come stop by Bloody Bad and pick up your Award. Great Blogging!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

You got some really great books this week. Happy reading!

Kaitlyn said...

Hey, you have Cracked Up to Be too!
Tell me what you think about it when you're done reading it, k?
I loved it!

Oh, and I totally thought that Vanessa and Reed wouldn't really be brother and sister and would fall in love! I was hoping that would happen, for it would make the book so much more interesting!

But it was still good, anyway. :]


Kaitlyn said...

Whoops, commented on the wrong post!


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