Wednesday, July 1

"Whats on your desk?" Wednesday

I was tagged by Sharon to show you what is on my desk! The rules are 1. I can't clean my desk. 2. I must say what 5 bookish things on my desk are. 3. I must say what 5 non bookish things are. I have to post a picture and tag 5 more people! This picture is horrible, I took about 10 of them, I think I need a new lamp that produces more light because no matter how many times I tried, they look bad! Any other room in the house it looks fine! Oh well! I don't really keep much on my desk since it is my computer desk and theres not much room on it to begin with! I don't have 5 things of each category though! LOL Bookish Items: 1. My Twilight Edward and Bella bookmark.
2. The pink thing is my booklight.
3. My Textbook for my English class (does that count, lol)
4. Stamps to send books out
5. The book Getting To The Third Date (it needs shipped out)

Nonbookish Items:
1. My cell phone
2. My cell phone case, it hard to see, in that cubby between my moniter and keyboard
3. My Computer
4. An itunes giftcard
5. My laptop charger (on the end of the desk)

As you can see I don't keep a whole lot on here!

I Tagged:
Briana aka The Book Pixie
Kristi AKA The Story Siren
Falling Off The Shelf


Kristen said...

Looks well-used with enough space to spend hours online! :)

Anonymous said...

Love it! :)

Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Thanks for tagging me Cindy!! Here's my post :)

Kaitlyn said...

Haha, I have the bookmark with Edward too!

It was a gift.


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