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Wuthering High Cara Lockwood

Summary: Fifteen-year-old Miranda is not exactly thrilled when she gets the news that her parents are shipping her off to boarding school. It's not like she did anything that bad -- all she did was wreck her dad's car and max out her step mum's credit cards. So, off she goes, from Chicago to Bard Academy, an exclusive prep school that treats troubled teenagers with a healthy dose of higher learning and old-fashioned discipline. But all is not what it seems at this educational institute, and Miranda and her classmates soon discover that the teachers are actually ghosts, stuck in limbo, some of them famous authors who died before their time, including Virginia Woolf, Ernest Hemingway, and Charlotte Bronte. And what's even more disturbing is that not all the ghosts have good intentions. Miranda and her friends must stop one evil instructor's plan to bring down the school -- and the entire student body with it.

My Thoughts: I loved the first two Bard Academy novels. Still need to get my hands on the third one. I really enjoyed Wuthering High. I liked the conecept that all the troubled kids go to this school made especially for them.Didn't have to worry about fitting in too much since everyone is there because they have gotten into trouble. I liked Miranda and her friends very much. I especially liked Heathcliff. He was mysterious and we never really knew what was going on with him or what he was thinking. Ryan was a major jock and of course Miranda was in love with him. He's the guy every girl wants but nobody thinks they are good enough to have. I also liked her roommate. This was a thin lightweight fun read. Only took a few hours but still enjoyed it very much!

Overall: I enjoyed it, never knew it existed until a few weeks ago. I picked the first and second book up and read them both quickly.

Cover: Its a cute cover. A little plain but just the right amount to be enjoyable.


The Scarlet Letterman by Cara Lockwood

Summary: After a heroic first semester, Miranda's got Bard Academy's ghost faculty in her debt, a new boyfriend in hot basketball player Ryan Kent, and she's just turned in a paper about The Scarlet Letter that she's sure is A material. But when the Bard Queen Bee, Parker Rodham, claims she's attacked in the woods, Ryan is all too happy to play bodyguard. Then teachers start disappearing and the campus is abuzz with news of the Hooded Sweatshirt Stalker -- not to mention sightings of a monster in the woods. But it's Miranda who feels like a moving target when she is accused not only of plagiarism but of suspicious involvement in the attacks!

My Thoughts: Welcome back to Bard Academy!! I liked the Scarlett Letterman more than Wuthering High. I think its because we really get to know the characters better. We learn their little quirks and get to know them, really know them. This book starts out with Miranda and Ryan dating and Miranda still crushing a little bit on Heathcliff. It expands the story more and I can't wait to read the third book.

Overall: A definate read if you've read the first. Read in order. The books tie together nicely and a must read if you want to know what happened to Miranda and all her friends!!

Cover: I loved this cover. It shows us a girl with a letterman jacket and it brings me back to my high school days. All the girls wearing their boyfriends letterman jackets to football games. This cover is awesome!

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Amy said...

I need to stop putting off reading these books! They sound like a good light romance. Great review!

chocowafer said...

I haven't read a Bard Academy novel before, but this sounds fun! I especially love the book title (Wuthering High). :)


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