Friday, September 11

The Comeback by Marlene Perez

Summary: Sophie Donnelly is one half of the most popular and powerful couple in school, until new girl Angie Vogel shows up and compromises everything. Angie steals Sophie's starring role in the school play, and, worse, her super-popular boyfriend. Sophie has been quickly dispatched to social Siberia, but not for long--she'll do anything it takes to make a triumphant comeback.

My Thoughts: Sophie was.... at first I thought she seemed like a spoiled brat. She thinks she has to be popular. She really believes she has to be! I did not like her at the beginning of the book. I almost gave up because she started to annoy me, but I hate not finishing books so I read on. She wanted to be lead in the play and her life starts to crumble downwards a little at a time. I liked how she did change a little bit even though putting up pictures of Angie during fat camp was pretty mean. But I can definitely remember high school and some people are that mean. I did like that she changed a little bit but I really liked who she ended up with at the end of the book. That was my favorite part. I won't go into names so I don't spoil it for everyone else. It was a quick read for me and I'm glad I read it, just don't give up when you start. It does get better.

Overall: It was interesting to say the least. I've heard mixed reviews about this one and didn't know what to think. I'm happy the way things played out. Its also on the 4 for 3 ($8.99) deal on amazon right now!

Cover: I like the cover. I think its artistic and its actually pretty up close. The pink kind of has a shine to it.

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Ellz said...

Hmmm, this is the first I have heard of this title. It sounds ok, I think the beginning would annoy me too. Maybe I will add it to my library list.


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