Tuesday, September 8

Tv/Movie Tuesday 9/8 (4)

Tv and Movie Tuesdays consist of upcoming movies and tvs shows that must be seen!

Since September is the month of all the new tv shows starting, I will focus on tv shows all month!! YAY! As most of you know, I love TV shows! I watch shows on netflix I missed, and I love to TIVO everything else on TV! I swear, I have 50 shows that I watch religiously! For that simple fact, I will be featuring more than one show a week, so enjoy!!!!

This week's TV Tuesday are: Melrose Place. Its going to be on the CW on Tuesday September 8th, so yes folks, TONIGHT!!!!! I am currently renting season 3 from Netflix (the old version from the 90's) and I enjoy it quite alot. But of course, I'm sure the new one will be a lot different. Kind of like the new 90210 (currently on the 7th season of older version)!!!!
The new Melrose Place follows the lives of residents in the iconic apartment complex, who pursue their dreams at any cost. Maybe It's Me's Shaun Sipos and Harper's Island's Katie Cassidy play the lead roles in the primetime soap. Sipos plays bad boy David and Cassidy plays bisexual publicist Ella. Greek's Michael Rady, 90210's Jessica Lucas, All My Children's Colin Egglesfield, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' Stephanie Jacobsen, and singing sensation Ashlee Simpson-Wentz round out the cast of the new Melrose Place.

If you haven't rented the older show, you should!!!

Eastwick Premieres September 23rd

Summary: Based on the 1987 feature film of the same name, The Witches of Eastwick will be coming to ABC in a new series. Darryl, a mysterious man brings temptation and bestows unique powers to three women. Eastwick is produced by Warner Bros. Television.

I will be watching Eastwick for TWO REASONS!
1. The Premise sounds pretty cool
2. MATT DALLAS, Can we say adorable???? If you haven't watched Kyle XY! Go RENT it NOW!!!!!Will You Be Watching?


Minding Spot said...

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Eleni said...

I can't wait to watch Eastwick, but I'll pass on Melrose Place, why can't they leave classic shows alone...the re-makes most of the time suck, 90210 for instance...but hey maybe it will surprise me lol..

Leslie said...

i put something like this on my blog but it was just a list of shows im excited about with their new season date and time and also the channel =P i wanted to watch melrose place but i didnt have time although i do have it on the dvr :D

Jenna said...

So what did you think of Melrose Place? I was going to watch, but CW was fuzzy and headache inducing. That better be fixed before Supernatural on Thursday!


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