Tuesday, September 8

Waiting On Wednesday 9/9 (10)

Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill over at Breaking The Spine!

Twice As Hot by Gena Showalter

Release Date: January 2010

Set the world on fire? With Belle Jamison, it’s always a possibility. Literally.

Planning a wedding is tough. Especially when the bride can shoot fireballs from her eyes and accidentally torches her dress, the groom returns from a dangerous mission with selective memory loss and the man responsible now desires Belle for his own.

Any other time, Belle would turn to her ultra sexy fiancé Rome Masters for comfort. But the only thing he can’t remember is her – and now his ex is determined to win him back. With the help of her trusty empath sidekick, an optimistic Belle continues to plan her wedding, fight a new band of supervillans, and tries not to accidentally on purpose start too many fires. . . except when she gets Rome into bed. . .

A Tale Of Two Demon Slayers by Angie Fox

Release Date: February 2010

Summary: Last month, I was a single preschool teacher whose greatest thrill consisted of color-coding my lesson plans. That was before I learned I was a slayer. Now, it’s up to me to face curse-hurling imps, vengeful demons, and any other supernatural uglies that crop up. And, to top it off, a hunk of a shape-shifting griffin has invited me to Greece to meet his family.

But it’s not all sun, sand, and ouzo. Someone has created a dark-magic version of me with my powers and my knowledge—and it wants to kill me and everyone I know. Of course, this evil twin doesn’t have Grandma’s gang of biker witches, a talking Jack Russell terrier, or an eccentric necromancer on its side. In the ultimate showdown for survival, may the best demon slayer win.

My So-Called Death by Stacey Jay

Release Date: March 2010

Summary: One second, sophomore Karen Vera's on top of the most fabulous cheer pyramid ever. The next, she's lying on the pavement with seriously unflattering cranial damage. Freakishly alive without a pulse, Karen learns that she's a genetically undead zombie.

Soon, Karen is sent off to DEAD High, a boarding school for the "death-challenged," and her non-life is suddenly an epic disaster. She's stuck with a greasy-haired, wannabe-Goth roommate who hates her guts. She's chowing down on animal brains every day to prevent rot (um, ew?). Even worse, someone is attacking students and harvesting their brains for a dark ritual . . . and it might be the hottest guy at DEAD High, the one who makes Karen's non-beating heart flutter!

As more brains are stolen—including her best friend's—Karen tracks down the brain snatcher to save her fellow students from certain zombie death.

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Lexie said...

I can't wait for Twice as Hot either...I so enjoyed the first book Playing With Fire and have been waiting FOREVER for this book it seems like.

Ellz said...

All three of these sound good. I have never read anything by any of these authors.

Tales of Whimsy said...

Fun choices. I love the cover of the 1st one.

Doesn't she sorta remind you of Tori Amos?

Emi said...

All of those look great! Definitely going on my "to read" list

Jordan Perryman said...

I made sure to post mine for the contest! Great books by the way, they look great!



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