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These Are ARCS. They are donated by a very very very very very very very nice author. (wish I was her daughter, lol) (above books)

(Big box, only US, the arcs I'm giving, EVERYONE)

Option 1:
Recreate One Of The Book Images in a post on your blog or include the link to your post. Be Creative. Have fun. Take A Picture, Make A Picture. Include yourself, include others, be creative.

Option 2: Make Your Own Cover Based On The Title Of The Book. Be creative.

Option 3: Recreate Something Like Fate. Be Creative! I love love love this cover.

This contest is based solely on creativity and what the hosts, myself and the author think are the most creative.

There will be voting rounds. So Please come back and vote!

these are my top wishlist books, so I'm adding them in to use for the recreations:

Winner 1 Will Recieve the ARCS in the picture above (the 9 arcs). From the donator, not me. (I do not own these books, I've had people emailing me asking to borrow them!)

Winner 2
Will Recieve a mystery 2010 ARC (its a surprise) will be based off your votes.

Be Sure to leave Link in mr linky AND under comments make a comment so we know whose is whose link.

Contest Ends in a few days, I'll let ya know. a few people asked for an extension.

(You can create up to two each, 1 of different ones) (not 2 creations of the same one) (Basically if you do option 3, you can have up to 3 creations)


Cynthia said...

can you explain more about this contest?

Cindy said...

Give me a sec, typing up rules now. LOL

YA Book Queen said...

^^I second Cynthia's question, because I don't understand. There's no rules written :(

Justine said...


Cynthia said...

when are they due?

Dani. said...

in my post can i put up more than one recreation?
or does it have to be just one?

Cindy said...

Dani, you can create up to two pictures. So you could do 2 seperate pictures (not 2 of the same book) if that makes sense.

Justine said...

So if we do 2, does that mean we'll have 2 entries?

Cindy said...

Yep, 2 entries into contest. I'm going to make a 4th winner into this. So technically 3 entries (the 3rd will be the 3rd option.)

Dani. said...

thanks for clarifying.
i'm going to go and get my creative juice flowing now:)

Cindy said...

OK ALL UPDATED! ALOT OF WINNERS. This is my contribution in books to contest. I had something planned for tomorrow, but this is much cooler!

Brodie said...

Wow, what an awesome contest! Just curious - so is this only open to people who have blogs? Or can people without a blog just post a link to the image?

Cindy said...

No, its open to everyone. Only winner 3 is based on blogs, everyone can enter. But if your international only for the ones i'm giving. I need to make note on that.

Kari Olson said...

Posted about it on my blog:

Erica said...

I will definately have to do this tomorrow - lol my cover would probably turn out really funny right now. I'm so tired trying to do the 24 hour read a thon

Jessica B said...

Amazing contest! My cover is over here:

Don't know if you need my email, so I'll leave it just in case: shutupjessicasreading at gmaildotcom

ReggieWrites said...

This is my cover Cindy! It's for FALLEN...Hope ya like it =)

Just in case, here is my email:

Unknown said...

I blogged about the contest and posted my cover recreations for you!

Hope you like 'em!


Unknown said...

Whoops, forget to link!

Blogged about it here:


And yes, this is for sure the best contest ever! LOL

Alessandra said...

I want to take part in this, too! Although I probably do not possess a single creative bone in my body, I posted my book cover for Before I Fall by Lauren Olivier on the Mister Linky. Hope you like it!

I also invited people to join this competition. Here's my blog post:

Good luck to all participants in this awesome contest!


Brodie said...

Everyone has posted gorgeous covers so far! You guys have amazing talent =D

I attempted one for Fallen -

(International entrant!)

Thank for you for all the awesome contests!!

Brodie said...

D'oh... I forgot to put the author's name on it. Well, let's just pretend it's written in invisible ink LOL

barnsdale11 said...

I have a question, because I didn't really understand it in the rules. If I want to post the covers (I mean, the "options" you gave), do I have to be from the US?

What part exactly is open internationally?

barnsdale11 said...

Okay, here is the link to my entry:

I did "Before I fall" and "Fallen". I think they are both Option2, but that's up to you to decide. There is one thing I didn't really get: you said that you couldn't enter twice the same one, but where you talking about different books, or different Options?

Thank you for the contest!!

My email:

Cindy said...

Barnsdale, what I mean is you can not win the big box, the 9 arcs, that would be expensive to ship internationally but I'm willing to send my arcs out of the US, no problem! So submit away

Kari Olson said...

Posted at first but then got inspiration for an actual entry, so its up now too =)

Kari Olson said...

And just realized that I put the wrong link on the mr. linky... so, urm, here it is *blushes like an idiot*

YA Book Queen said...

Brodie: Your cover is gorgeous! *so jealous*, lol. Oh, that could totally be a book cover,

barnsdale11 said...

Here I am again ^_^

i have a paypal account. Could it be shipped internationally if I afforded the costs??? please???

Well, i have changed my submission: now i have 2 submissions: one option 1 for GONE, and one option 2 for Before I fall.

They are here:

You can see that I have tried hard... :) So... could it be possible, if I paid the costs?

See you :)

Krista P. said...

I really like this contest. My entry is number 16, and I did option 2. :)

Kate said...

Sorry, just to clarify, if I'm from the UK, what can I enter for? And do I just pick one option?

Cindy said...

You can pick any option you want, or do more than one. Each person can do up to 2, UNLESS you also do something like fate(so 3 if it includes something like fate)

Barnsdale: I'll ask the author about that. No clue what shipping will be though.

Katie said...

The link to my entry;

I might add a second one on later, to that same post. Just a heads up. :)

Michelle said...

Okay, just posted this on my blog:

I did Scarlett Fever - great contest, it was a lot of fun!!

mmillet at gmail dot com

Cindy said...

For people who add another one, make sure you comment here and tell me.

Kate said...

I'm entrant number 19 (on the Mr Linky) and I did option two. I'm still a little confused but I'm hoping that what I said/did fit in with the rules. I'm from the UK. I'll check back here so if I've done anything wrong just drop a note on this post. Sorry.

Cindy said...

The options are just to expand Kate. You did it right.

And Something Like Fate, is its own category under one of them, as of now, only 2 people competing for that prize. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Someone will answer I'm sure, if I'm not online at the time.

AnAddictedBookReader said...

Very creative and fun contest! I linked mine already but here's the link here too:
adrienne2093 at comcast dot net

Natalie said...

Great contest! I'm loving all of the covers so far!

Eleni said...

Love the contest! I added my blog post of my two creations on Mr. Linky. Here is the link, just in case:

Thanks! Hope I win :) *fingers crossed*


Erica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ellz said...

There is my entry, they look pretty pathetic compared to the others, I need to get a photoshop or some other program.

Great contest.
Elie (Ellz Readz)

Kate said...

I'm entry number 25 as well =)
That's my option 3: Something Like Fate =D

barnsdale11 said...

Thank you for trying :)

Don't worry about the shipment. I've paid expensive shipments before, but they are usually more affordable than buying the books themselves ;)

Erica said...

I now entered another one - meaning that there's 2 covers - one for the Unwritten Rule and one for Something Like Fate.

Dani. said...

I have a cover remake up for Fallen. (Might be adding another one up later)

Link for cover remake:


Katie said...

I added an entry for 'Something Like Fate' to my post.

throuthehaze said...

blogged and added it to the linky

throuthehaze at gmail dot com

Silvia said...


This is my cover for Fallen:
For the post->

And for a direct link to the cover here->


Laurie T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Laurie T said...

Here's one:

And a second:

Had fun:)

Tynga said...

Here ar emy entries!
Hope you like them!

Tynga said...

I love your cover Brodie =)

Cindy said...

Is everyones pictures up there???? if not, please let me know!!! Just in case i missed one somewhere.

Cindy said...

Blogger images are messing up. Won't let me open the pop window.

add in Kates Other Something Like Fate

Cindy said...

OK updated to here. If your isnt on there, let me know. just in case i missed one.

Shanyn said...

I've posted an entry!

I chose to remake Something Like Fate!

shanynlee at

Dahlia (TheBookShopaholic) said...

Link to my 1st entry:


(I wasn't sure if I was suppose to comment, too)

Wrighty said...

I hope I did this right. I have 2 covers and I'm comment #43. It was fun!

Wrighty said...

Here's the link just in case!

Anonymous said...

Awesome contest! It was so much fun to try something like this.

I entered my entry! I'm number 44. Sorry I completely borked up on entering the name and link correctly. This was my first time using Mr. Linky.

Joana said...

Awesome contest!
Here's the link, just in case:

Cindy said...

Note: update after chickloveslit

so i know which ones i need to add to main menu LOL

barnsdale11 said...

Okay, mine weren't added to the other post yet:

i still don't know if you'll let me participate, but i'm persistent ;)

Kelsey said...

Blogged about it!

Kelsey (Reading Keeps You Sane)


Cindy said...

barnsdale, You can at least participate for the single arcs, I do know that.

I will add in yours and Kelseys. I decided I'm going to keep this open til tomorrow night.

Justine said...

I entered :)

Here are my book covers.

1) A book cover I made for Chasing Brooklyn
2) A recreation of The Six Rules of Maybe


Silvia said...

My second cover.
This is for Something like fate

For the post->

And for a direct link to the cover here->


titania86 said...

This is the post for my entry for the contest.

1)I made my own cover for Fallen.
2) Irecreated I Kissed a Zombie and I Liked It.


linzReads said...

I don't have a blog...but I posted mine on photobucket.

I made a cover for Fallen, Something Like Fate, and Before I Fall.

Great, amazing contest! Thanks for everything!


Cindy said...

Hey Linz, I'm going to need them emailed to me so I can post them on the main board. It won't let me save them from photobucket. please email them to princessbookie84 at gmail

Thao said...

I just posted my entry ^^

1) A cover for The Unwritten Rule
2) Another cover for Something Like Fate

and a cover for The Six Rules Of Maybe just for fun.


Anonymous said...

i just entered the contest! best of luck to everyone!


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