Thursday, October 22

Contest Announcement, Ready Set Go

What can I possibly say? There are a lot of nice people in this world. I am very very serious. I asked a few authors if they wanted to donate a book, well they asked other authors, publishers, etc etc. I have gotten numerous emails and I think its great, really great. I know there are a lot of us who can't buy every single book we want to read (wish we could though). I'll be honest, usually I do buy ALOT (it drives the boyfriend crazy sometimes). But I know there is a lot of us who will still go out and buy these books, I know I will! I have been sitten here for the past 5 hours working on the contests for Saturday and there are ALOT and I'm still not done scheduling them. So I hope you don't mind, I am going to start them tonight and they will go until late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. Theres just too many to schedule them all on Saturday. I am even waiting to hear back from a few people. Luckily, the boyfriend is going to help me tally up winners nxt week. I'll probably do half Sunday than the other half Monday. But between the 2 of us adding in the entries to excel, than using randomorg, it should be easy! So with that, I hope you don't mind that I start them tonight and let them go into early Sunday morning. They will than be closed, so I can figure out winners by Tuesday, thankfully I have those days completely free.

So with that, let the contests begin! Hope you don't mind its a little early!

(I also made my blog display 10 posts on the page, so it might take a minute to load, give it time). (usually I display like 5 LOL)

(also, the contests of mine that ended last week, I do have the winners, but will just add them to the long list after the weekend)!


Ellz said...

You are the best Cindy. Thanks for sharing the love!

Jordan Perryman said...

Hey Cindy, you have an award over at my blog.

Kate said...

Thanks for organising all the contests!

Wrighty said...

Wow, these contests are amazing! And very generous! Good luck in the Read-a-thon. I won't be an official participant but I'll be reading when I can and I'll be cheering on everyone else. Have fun and thanks for the great giveaways!!

YA Book Queen said...

Thanks for all the incredible contests Cindy, this is brilliant!


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