Saturday, October 24

Followup Questions?

First Off, I had planned on closing tonight at midnight, but I am expanding that a little bit. I will start calculating and will continue on tomorrow and when the contest says closed, in big black print, that means I am tallying that one or have already did it, so please do not try to enter it at that point. LOL.

Here are some questions I got today that need to be answered.

1. How will I be figuring out winners?
I use randomorg for everything. I have a few friends helping me tomorrow putting all the entries into excel and we will be determining winners. It is all random. I can not say if you will win or you won't win, I have no clue. And, whoever wins, wins square and fair, I will not be changing winners, I do not do that.

2. Am I fair?
Yes, very fair. But it is not up to me to determine winners, in all reality its the luck of the draw and if randomorg likes you. (I like all of you)

3. When will the contests end?
The plan is tonight at midnight, but I plan on doing a few before bed tonight and will update the winner list. Tomorrow I will be doing this all day and it will get updated throughout the day.

4. How will I know if I won?
You will have to come check the winner list. I can not contact you all directly, that is ALOT of people. You need to check, you will have 24 hours from the time your list is put up. (I'm dividing them up into lists so its easier for you to read, etc.) If you don't claim your prize, I will have to choose another winner. (just the way it is, sorry.)

5. When will all the winners be announced?
I am hoping by tomorrow night but if not, by Monday. (Be patient please.)

6. The main question everyone has been asking:
Can I win more than once?
With this many people entering, I don't think it will be a problem. I have decided on yes. If I have to choose winners ALOT of times, it will be time consuming.(Please be respectful of my decision)

7. Is there a way to get more entries?
Under the Rules Post, there is one way. Please follow those directions carefully though. AND, it must be done by 10:30 tonight, no exceptions on that, sorry.

8. What If I don't want to give you my address?
I have to have it to pass on to the donaters. It will be kept confidential, it will go from me to them (most are publishers and authors and I don't give random people your address)

9. What Happens Now?
First off, until the contests close, keep entering. Second, be sure when I put the winners up, you follow the directions carefully and fill out the directions.

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