Monday, October 26

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know, I am sorting through emails and notifying donaters where to send your winnings. I did all the entries in red last night (few posts below). The Red Means I've emailed them about where to send your book. I'm making good progress. I've heard back from a bunch notifying me they would get the book in the mail this week. If possible, when you get the book, come and let me know on my most recent blog post or shoot me an email (so that way I can make sure everyone got theirs,etc).

On a unrelated note, I found out some new book titles I am excited for!!! They don't come out until next year but I'm still pumped up anyways! HAHA!

Blue Bloods: Keys To The Repository by Melissa De La Cruz
Lies A Gone Novel by Michael Grant
Generation Dead Passing Strange by Daniel Waters

I had heard about them before, but its up on amazon now so thats pretty cool!!!!

I will be closing the recreate a bookcover contest tomorrow (Tuesday) night, so get them in if you want to enter!! I think I am going to have voting rounds for some of the prizes, stay tuned for that!!!!

UPDATE: I am completely caught up on sending emails out for the contest. If you are not marked red, I either didn't get your email (didn't go through) or you have not claimed your book yet!!! Look to double check if you won or not!!!!


Yan said...

Cindy you need to spread that energy or some form on caffeine to me xD you are EVERYWHERE

Unknown said...

I know. LOL. I hate that though, I found like 30 more books to add to my wishlist on paperbackswap. there just isnt enough rooom!!!! I had to put a bunch on my reminder list, and why does amazon have to list them all at once? wait until i get some other wishlist offers. geez. LOL


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