Monday, October 5

Sleepaway Girls by Jen Calonita

Summary: After her best friend attaches herself to her first boyfriend, Sam is determined to spend her summer elsewhere. She ends up as a counselor-in-training at Whispering Pines, where she gets to participate in all camp activities while assisting the counselors with the younger campers. By the end of the summer, Sam acquires an arch-enemy, as well as three best buds (the Sleepaway Girls) and a gorgeous boyfriend. Calonita offers a quintessential feel-good read, from Sam’s earliest crush on the camp’s gorgeous bad boy to her gradual realization that good men are the best boyfriends; from her initial jealous encounter with the camp director’s daughter to their forced, uneasy truce; and from her early video postcards back home to her ultimate Sleepaway Girls testament to the camp season.

My Thoughts: Well I've never been to camp and refused to go. The thought of not taking a shower and being around bugs always made me growl as a kid. But after reading this book, lets go to camp right now! Samantha went to camp to be a counselor in training and gets alot more than that. She gets enemies, and new friends, along with a hot new crush. I really enjoyed this book, I read it in 2 days. Sat up late one night reading when I should have been sleeping. She starts to crush on one guy than realizes she likes another. I also go for the underdog so I liked the other guy from the get go! HEHE! I never seem to like the popular one all the girls want. She makes video postcards for her friend back home, I loved the idea of that. Maybe I should start to do the in my mailbox vlogs. HA! The funniest part was when she meets up to tell mystery guy she likes him when they are all dressed up in costumes and hits the wrong guy with her lips. That would be my luck! At least at the ending, things work themselves out! And score for the guy I liked! Great book!

Overall: Definite read! Like camp or not, read it! Very sweet and interesting! A good book for a late night at home or on a long rode trip. Or if you go to camp, take it with you!

Cover: I really liked this cover. Its very creative and makes me want to take those things with me!


Milka said...

I love the Secrets of My Hollywood Life books by Calonita! The covers of those books are also really pretty!
I will definitely look for this one.

Roni Loren said...

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a fun read. What's funny is that I've only been to camp once (with girl scouts) and the name of the camp was Whispering Pines, just like the book. And the trees really did sound like they were whispering when the wind blew through them. Scared the crap out my ten year old self.


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