Tuesday, October 6

TV/Movie Tuesday 10/6 (9)

Tv and Movie Tuesdays consist of upcoming movies and tvs shows that must be seen!

This Week's Movie is:
Whip It

Release Date: October 2009

"Whip It," the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore, stars Ellen Page ("Juno") as Bliss, a rebellious Texas teen who throws in her small town beauty pageant crown for the rowdy world of roller derby. Marcia Gay Harden ("Mystic River," "Pollock") plays Bliss' disapproving mother, while Kristen Wiig ("Saturday Night Live") and Juliette Lewis ("Old School") play roller-derby stars. Also starring Eve, Jimmy Fallon, and Daniel Stern.

I think this looks interesting. I hope our theater gets it but not sure it will. If not, I'll have to rent it!


Charlotte said...

I love Ellen Page and I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie. I'm not sure it'll come out in France though, we'll see !

Anonymous said...

I have to watch this. It looks really good and I love the cast.

Pixie said...

I wanted to see it this weekend, but it wasn't showing at our usual theater. I love Drew, so its a must see for me.

Yan said...

tell me how it is! I really wanted to watch this!~

Sara said...

I LOVED this movie... when it was over I just wanted to watch it again!

Also, the love interest is Landon Pigg, a singer... you can see his music videos on YouTube... so cute! :)

brizmus said...

I love Ellen Page!
I'd never heard of this movie, but it looks good!
(And I'm sure it will find it's way to France!)

Okie said...

I'm hearing great buzz about this flick, but it will probably be a rental in our house since 'date night' is a big undertaking and we usually try to make it something outrageously fun...so if we do decide to do a movie, it's usually some huge blockbuster or something we're both dying to see.

Still, I'm sure we'll watch it and hopefully love it. :)

Kate said...

I really want to see this film. it looks like it'll be good =D


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