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Win Prophecy Of The Sisters by Michelle Zink-Audio- CLOSED

Prophecy Of The Sister's by Michelle Zink Audiobook (1 Winner)

Summary: Sixteen year-old Lia Milthorpe has just recently lost her father, leaving her parentless. But when a strange mark appears on her wrist, she realizes she is being branded with much more than her newfound title of orphan. Lia and her twin sister Alice are part of an ancient prophecy that has turned generations of sisters against each other.

Lia hides this discovery from Alice and even from her beloved James, but to escape from the burden this secret bestows she must end the prophecy-before her sister. Only then will she understand the mysterious circumstances of her parents' deaths, the true meaning of the mark on her wrist, the lengths to which her sister will go to defeat her, and the impact the resolution of the prophecy could have.

With, haunting, lyrical prose, this multi-layered story of family, friendship, and romance explores the timeless question of predetermination versus free will. And it takes readers on an unforgettable coming-of-age journey where one sister's self-discovery could have an impact of Biblical proportion.

Donated By Michelle Zink

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Briana said...

This book sounds awesome! Love the cover!

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in which a girl reads said...

This book looks great! You're so awesome for holding such great contests :D

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Unknown said...

You had me at Eliza Dushku

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Zia said...

OH I would love to listen to the audio

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Natalie said...

I love audio books! It gives me something to do while I clean and walk to class!

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Natalie @ Mindful Musings

Linda Kish said...

I'd love to win this.

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Melissa said...

Sounds good.

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Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I've never actually listened to an audiobook, but I'd love to start with this one.

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Amy1225 said...

This sounds great

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Alicia0385 said...

I would love to get this book

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FlyFreeMyBooks said...

Oh, an audiobook!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to win this. The book sounds great!

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titania86 said...

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Lilixtreme said...

Thanks Michelle!

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tawndam said...

I've got to read this!
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Ellz said...

Since, I have been spending too much time blogging, this could be a great way to modivate me to do my AM walks!
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Happy Reading!

Sage Ravenwood said...

Another great book I haven't had a chance to pick up. Please include me. Thanks! Indigo

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Unknown said...

I would love to enter your giveaway - sounds like a great read.

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Mandy said...

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Stacey Brucale said...

Please enter me!

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I ♥ Book Gossip said...

Please count me in.

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Kelly Jensen said...

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Yan said...

Yay for audio books! :D

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Brittany said...

i really like listening to audio books in the car and would love to listen to this one!

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CrystalGB said...

Sounds good. :)

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Michelle said...

Yes! Love the premise of this book.

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Flip The Page! Book Reviews said...

wow you are having so many great contests right now!!!

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AnAddictedBookReader said...

Awesome, thanks so much!
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Test said...

I would love to enter!

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Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf said...

Awesome contest! I've never 'read' an audiobook before, but if I could this would be one of my first. Heard such good things about it!

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Thanks Cindy and Michelle!

I'd like to add my 5 extra entries for posting about this contest on my blog :)

Steph Su said...

I've heard Michelle talk about the audio version, and I'm really intrigued!

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nomadreader said...

I'd love to win!

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Anonymous said...

This would be great to have!

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Diana Dang said...

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Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Completely awesome. Thanks. :)

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Icedream said...

I've been trying to get my hands on this book!
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Kat said...

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Luluette said...

I would love to win this!

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Anonymous said...

please enter me :)


Anonymous said...

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Sarah Woodard said...

This book is awesome.
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Khy said...

Love this book, so would also love to hear the audio version! :D

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khyrinthia at gmail dot com

holdenj said...

Have heard good things about this one.

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Catie S (Book Bound) said...

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L said...

I really want to read this book!

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ibeeeg said...

This book is on my to-read list. Would love to listen to the story.


Cindy said...

Winner: Kari@Alas 3 Lads


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