Monday, November 2

Cindy's Boyfriend Of The Week (12)

Every week on Monday I host Cindy's Boyfriend Of The Week. It is mainly just a feature where I talk about how devoted I am to actors, singers, etc.

This Weeks boyfriend is
Taylor Lautner

Taylor was born on February 11 1992 in Grand Rapids Michigan! taylor wanted to act from 7 years old even though at first he was unsuccessful! Since moving to Los Angeles, Taylor has booked roles on "My Wife and Kids" (2001), "Summerland" (2004), "The Bernie Mac Show" (2001), and the The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour. In his spare time, Taylor loves playing football and baseball. You may have also seen him in the movie Cheaper By The Dozen 2 and on the tv show My Own Worst Enemy! He will also be appearing in the movie Valentines Day coming out this February.

Of course we all know him From The Twilight Saga where he plays Jacob Black!

It is only right that this month we have Twilight boyfriends, since New Moon comes out at the end of the month, and I'm a huge Twilight fan! And I am saving my favorite for last! LOL

Seriously, how can you not expect me to focus on Twilight stars all month for my boyfriend of the week? But the sad thing is, how can they only be my boyfriend for one week? I want more time with them! They are are too cute to only have around one week! haha! I'm still an Edward girl at heart but Jacob is getting cuter by the second and I will enjoy New Moon! How can we not love the guy who steps up to be there for Bella while Edward goes away... oh oh Jacob.... I'm not scared of werewolves when it comes to you!


Ellz said...

He is a cutie, although I don't like this pic of him, makes him look arrogant.

Elie (Ellz Readz)

brizmus said...

ohmygod, is he really 10 whole years younger than me?!? ::sob::
I need to grow younger.

Pixie said...

You should come over to the wolf side, we have muffins. :D

Yan said...

*covers eyes* I feel like a ped. when I see him LOL I remember him from CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN

Eleni said...

Ohh baby! He's so cute, but he looks goofy in this pic hehe

Cindy said...

yes, us Cindy's must stick together! thanks for following! i have begun following you too! oh and i awarded you here :)

Miss Haley said...

dude. you just totally stole my boyfriend. sigh... i'm team edward, but Taylor is just hottttt....

Anonymous said...

I am all about Team Jacob!! I can't believe this guy is still jailbait! Wait til he turns 18 - he's going to be mobbed! LOL

Justine said...

Taylor Lautner!

And for last? Oh, who could it be!!! :D


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