Friday, November 6

Giving Up The V by Serena Robar

Summary: Spencer Davis just turned sixteen. But unlike most hormonal teenagers who seem obsessed with sex -- like her entire crew of friends -- Spencer just doesn't get it. She'd rather wait for the right guy and the right moment. But that moment may be arriving sooner than she'd thought.

Enter Benjamin Hopkins, a new transfer student who seems to have his eyes on our V-card-carrying heroine. He's gorgeous, funny, suave, athletic, and capable of making Spencer's knees wobble with a single glance. Spencer has never felt this way about anyone before, but is Ben truly V-worthy?

My Thoughts: What better way to start the book than with Spencer in the gynecologist's office. And he's even a man! How embarrassing! Spencer is turning 16, so her mother insists she be put on the pill even though she is not doing "anything." Spencer starts to feel like since she is on the pill, maybe losing her v-card won't be so bad. She than starts thinking about all her friends and of course a few of them step up to the plate and volunteer! Than moves in a new kid Ben from another school. Spencer really likes him, but so does her best friend! We get to know all of Spencer friends! They are all a close bunch! I really enjoyed this book a lot. I am happy to see where the all the characters went. I am happy on who she ends up with at the end. I wanted that from the beginning! Who will it be? Ben, the new guy? Ryan? Zach? Justin?

Overall: I've seen good and bad reviews on this one, but I actually really liked it. It had laugh out loud moments. I would haved to liked to get to know "mystery guy who she ends up with" more but it was just the right amount of romance and humor for me. I felt like I could connect with the characters, I really liked it.

Cover: I liked the cover but its a little misleading because the girl isn't real "out there" with her body and she probably would have a hoodie over that tank top. Other than that, its still a cute cover.

What I'd Give It:


brizmus said...

OHMYGOD, I have to read this book! It sounds SO RAD!!!!

Sandy said...

REALLY want to read this one... nice review ;)


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