Tuesday, November 17

One Year Ago This Week

When I first started my blog, I told you all how much I love Tyler Hilton, I even posted some things about him, but honestly I didn't give you the full details on this day. I just gave you the shortened version so I got on my myspace and grabbed my blog entry for the day I met him. Its been a year this week since I met him. It feels like it was yesterday. I still think about it! I met him on the 19th. If anything this journal entry will make you laugh because I'm such a dork sometimes! haha

My Blog Entry From A Year Ago:
Today is Friday! I am still on a high from the other night! I am going to see Twilight today. From what I heard my hometown is sold out and we did not get it so I am off to another town to see it, hopefully they aren't sold out too less I'm gonna be mad.

I'm still dazed from the other night. I met Tyler Hilton! I met Tyler Hilton! I'm going to be on that high for a while I'm sure! So, figured I would expand a lil before I go see Twilight.

Well, I found out Tuesday night he was going to be here. Jake told me! he was like would it be mean if I knew someone was coming here and didn't tell you. I was like well yeah! and he told me Tyler Hilton, and I screamed!
We were in the truck and I'm sure I blew his eardrums out! haha. I went right home and looked it up, and sure enough! Tyler Hilton in town Wed November 19th, just think I almost missed it! I mean, I had a day notice! So, here I am all excited. I mean come on, the guy was in movies, Walk The Line, Charlie Bartlett. I've liked this guy forever, since the first time I heard his song back in 2004 or so! omg! But seeing him live, omg! And most of all he's in my favorite show ONE TREE HILL! And not just that, but he has literally touched Chad Michael Murray my soulmate! LOL LOL LOL, I mean hell, lets get techinal here, he was in a scene in bed with Chad Michael Murray (a dream) on One Tree Hill! He had his arm around him! OMG! That same arm that touched me touched Chad Michael Murray. Ok, I sound like a nut here but I'm just really happy! LOL LOL LOL LOL There was this guy I used to have math with at SCC, he reminded me of Tyler Hilton, he looked like him, I used to make jokes to him all the time about it.

So, we go to the concert. And I figured it would be packed but Jake said no, I don't think so, he's not that popular. well anyone who has watched One Tree Hill knows him! and our college town is full of chicks who would love to meet a One Tree Hill costar! LOL. I was talking to Jake, and was like not like I'll get close enough to see him let alone meet the guy, yeah right, not in my wildest dreams! I mean, this guy is a movie star ya know. I would have been happy to get a good picture. So we go, and we walk in the room, it was held in the union at the college. It's by Burger King and other places to eat, and its like basically a big cafetaria. Well, we find seats. And of course all the good seats, the ones up front are taken. So we sit a ways away, and the damn speaker is right in my way blocking the microphone where he will be singing! than this guy who has a big head sits right in front of me. So I'm sitten there, trying to see, and waiting for him to come out. Longest 45 minutes of my life I tell ya. than a guy comes in and sits down next to me. He was a reporter I take it from the notes he was taking. The place is packed, I mean there are so many girls there, probably a few hunderd cramped inside this cafetaria.

So I'm looking at the doors just waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting. and Finally I see him start walking in the room! I can still barely see him because I'm so far away from the stage. He starts to sing, and gawd he sounds just as good live as on his cd's. He sung a bunch of songs I knew plus new ones from his new CD. His new ones are so great, I can't wait to buy the CD in the spring. Anyways, the concert lasts about an hour. I get up every so often and get closer to the stage to try and get a few good pics, most of the ones I took have heads in the way or are blurry because I'm so far away. So I'm about 6 feet away from him, and I was thinking to myself I can't believe I'm this close to TYLER HILTON!!! How do you even comprehend being this close to a movie star or someone who was on One Tree Hill ( I am obsessed with OTH if you didn't know)!

So after standing there a few minutes which seemed like seconds really, I went back to my seat, and watched some more. He told everyone to stand up, so I was really screwed there. I'm 5'1 if that, so I could not see anything. LOL!! I ended up walking towards the front of the stage more, I figured what the hell, everyone else was doing it. So, I got in front of the stage, and took a few more pictures, most of the pictures I took, well they turned out bad, because the lighting was horrible. Usually my camera is pretty good but that night, not so much!

So here I am in front of the stage, with girls behind me touching my butt, trying to get pictures too. Everyone was touching eachother bumping into people, etc. So I stood there in front of him watching the concert, the final song, at that point I was probably 4 ft away from him, I mean, hell I thought the 6 feet away was awesome, and 4 ft this time! whoa!!!!

Ok so I go back to my seat, and me and Jake just stood there for a minute waiting on people to leave so we can get out. He says lets take the back way out. well knowing me, I didn't want to leave yet, just in case I get to see him again! LOL. So I want to go out the front (the way he went out) along with every other girl in there! LOL So we slowly make our way out, and theres a little room between the cafetaria and the stairs to leave. We are stuck in that little room with other people waiting for our turn to leave, and Tyler Hilton walks back in and goes through the little room, heading back into the cafe (or cafetaria you could say). omg, by that time, I am by the door to get back in, and he's standing right there, 2 or 3 feet away. OMG! He makes his way back through the cafetaria, and sets up a table on the other side of the room (where we originally were seated, should have stayed there)! J wants to leave I can tell, but I HAVE to stay! So we get in line, I guess he is signing autographs. How awesome!

Well I didn't buy a shirt or picture because there was a line, and I didn't want to stand in line, so I'm standing there without anything to sign.... hmmm. So I figure He can sign my guitar purse I guess. But than a girl selling pictures goes by the line, so I stop her, and get one. YAYAYAYAYA! So I got me a picture of Tyler Hilton for him to sign, omg!

So I wait in line for about a half hour and its finally my turn. OMG! I am so nervous, I feel like I'm going to pass out or throw up! I bet he would have remembed me if I threw up on him right LOL LOL> I gave the girl standing up up there taking pictures my camera.

Well, he shook my hand, yes I touched Tyler Hilton, how awesome is that! and he asked me my name! So he signd my picture, and was like is it spelled C-I-N-D-Y and I was like yes. omg! and he got in the picture with me, and put his arm around me. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!He leaned down into me, he is tall! and I put my arm around him but at first I accidently touched his butt! LOL

And so I have a picture! OMG! I'm such a girl right now I know, but its Tyler HILTON! Well, he is beautiful. OMG!! He has the prettiest eyes ever! and, just pure perfection. whoa. and his voice,whoa. Ok, I met him! So miss Cindy is happy. How could that have even been real? I think I'm still dreaming. It can't be real right. I mean things do not happen to me like this...... I mean the chance he's in Macomb, and the chance I actually met him! It's one thing to go to a concert, but to actually meet a movie star/tv star. WOW! And on top of that a One Tree Hill star. Ok, so what can I say. A Dream Come True!! I'm usually not all fan girly like this but hell its Tyler Hilton! I love you Tyler Hilton! I'm still trying to pinch myself to wake up!

PS Not the best picture of me, but I kind of looked like a strawberry, I was soooo pink! LOL and the video of him at the concert. What can I say? I may be a fangirl once in a while but the point is I just love his music and I admire him for what he does/and who he is.


Milka said...

Haha, I laughed so hard, this sounds like me in some of my diary entries when I am going crazy about something. Oh I would probably die if I would meet Tyler. He is such amazing musician. I've never really seen any Hollywood stars, you really don't get to see those in Finland. I was in a Jonas Brothers concert and this meet&greet thing but it did not really matter because I don't like them that much. And I've seen Gerard Butler of New York City.. He's gorgeous.

Milka said...

Simon Baker is already 40 and he is so gorgeous. But yeah, Gerard Butler is great, I love him in the Ugly Truth, 300, Phantom of the Opera and PS. I love you.

Shalonda said...

Cute story. I'm also obsessed with OTH!


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