Wednesday, January 27

Restoring Harmony by Joelle Anthony

Release Date: May 2010

Summary: The year is 2041, and Molly McClure was only six when the Collapse of ’31 happened, ending life as the world’s population knew it. When she is forced to leave the comfort of her small B.C. island to travel down to Oregon, Molly discovers how hard the Collapse has been on the rest of the world. What starts out as a quick trip to the U.S. to convince her grandfather to return to Canada and be the island’s doctor, becomes a rescue mission. How much will she have to compromise to succeed in getting back home?

My Thoughts: I can not stress enough how I can't seem to get the words out. I will say what I feel in 5 words. This book was freaking awesome. We are introduced to Molly who is going to Oregon to get her grandparents and bring them back with her. Her mom is pregnant, her sister is engaged, so she is in a time crunch and needs to get back as soon as possible. She starts the journey and encounters many setbacks but she never lets that influence her. She has to get them now before its too late! Times are tough, as the Collapse has just effected the world. I could definitely see this situation happening if this really happened today. I believe that rich people would even have the uppercase here. Like the book says, The House Always Win. As soon as I read that, I instantly knew what it mean (you will too soon if you read the book). Molly plays the fiddle a long the way. She loves her fiddle. She would never give it up. Molly encounters a lot of new and original people on the way to Oregon. She meets a mysterious stranger along the way, we learn to call him Spill. He gets her out of a bind. From the minute Molly layed eyes on him, I could feel a connection between them (and myself too of course, he's a hottie). Molly eventually gets to her grandparents and is faced with a whole new set of problems, because she is broke, they are stubborn, the neighbors need help. She runs into the mysterious stranger again in town. Who is this guy really? Is he good or bad? Is he who he says he is? Can Molly really drag around her fiddle or does she lose it a long the way (she loved that thing). What happens to Molly? Does she come up with the money to get back to Canada? Does she actually make it back home or is she destined to spend the rest of her life in Oregon? Does the baby arrive without any problems? Is her Mother ok? Whatever happened to Spill? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Overall: I loved this book. I truly loved it. I loved the scenes, I loved the way it was written, I loved Molly and Spill. I loved her whole family! From the first 5 pages in, you are drawn in! I finished this in two days, only taking breaks to eat, shower, and sleep. I think my favorite part was the end with the fiddle scene. Yes, Yes, I had tears in my eyes alright! It was the sweetest thing ever. Joelle sure did it right with this one and I can't wait to read more from her! If your going to buy one book this year, let this be that book!!!!!

Cover: I actually like the cover. I like how the clouds look and the way Molly is carrying around her fiddle.

What I'd Give It:


Bleuette said...

Great Review!

Sara said...

Sounds really good and unique. I LOVE the cover!

Lauren said...

Wow! Amazing review. If I weren't already excited about this one, I sure would be now. I can't wait to read Restoring Harmony!

Kim said...

It sounds like an amazing book! Thanks for the review!!!

Jazz said...

Molly sounds like a great character. I can't wait to read this book!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

I can't say the cover really dazzles me (even though it's fitting), but I really like the sound of the book, seeing how I'm a fan of dystopian lit. Will be adding to my TBR list, thanks for the tip. :)

Mariana S said...

Sounds great. I wasnt really sure about this book but after reading your review, of course I want to read it!


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