Monday, December 14

Cindy's Boyfriend Of The Week (18)

Every week on Monday I host Cindy's Boyfriend Of The Week. It is mainly just a feature where I talk about how devoted I am to actors, singers, etc.

This Weeks boyfriend is
Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was born on
March 1, 1974, in Panorama, California. Speaks fluent Dutch. Lists "Running Zack", the episode where Zack explores and learns about his Native American heritage and forms a close bond with a local Indian, as his favorite episode of "Saved By The Bell (1989). You may have also seen him on the tv show Raising The Bar.

As a teenager I loved Mark-Paul Gosselarr! I was sooo in love with Zach Morris, weren't you? Or were you a Screech girl? Or how about a Slater girl? I still love watching reruns of Saved By The Bell and its only right that Zach Morris be one of my boyfriend's of the week!!! He's still a babe in my book!


loreleimarsh said...

WOOT! I freaking love MPG. He's so hunky and sweet. Great pick!

Roni Loren said...

Oh, how I ♥ Zack Morris and he certainly has grown up well. :)

Mariana S said...

He is so cute, I have always love him xD


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