Monday, December 28

Cindy's Boyfriend Of The Week (20)

Every week on Monday I host Cindy's Boyfriend Of The Week. It is mainly just a feature where I talk about how devoted I am to actors, singers, etc.

This Weeks boyfriend is
Tom Welling

Tom was born April 26, 1977 in New York City. He is 6 foot 3 inches tall. Tom Welling was asked to play the role of Clark Kent in the hit series, "Smallville" (2001). His shoe size is fourteen. Father is a retired executive for General Motors and mother is a "home engineer."Modeled alongside Ashton Kutcher. The two are good friends.

You may have also seen Tom in Cheaper By The Dozen and The Fog. He was also on the tv show Judging Amy for a while. He is now the star on Smallville! If you haven't watched it, please do!

I love Smallville! I Loved The Fog! I think Tom is sexy! He deserves to be my boyfriend of the week! And my superman! or My Clark Kent! Rescue me anyday Clark Kent!!!


Alessandra said...

Too gorgeous for words ;)

Fantastic Book Review said...

Oh Yeah! He's my go to guy anytime a book has tall, dark, and sexy! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Lol... can we share ???

Miss Jeanett said...

He's super cute!! Come by my blog and take a look :)


Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

My brother is crazy about Smallville too

jenniferlaurens said...

Wait, Tom is MY boyfriend!!!! The two-timer!! *wink*


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