Thursday, January 14

The Mark by Jen Nadol

Release Date: January 19, 2010
Summary: Cassandra Renfield has always seen the mark—a glow around certain people reminiscent of candlelight. But the one time she mentioned it, it was dismissed as a trick of the light. Until the day she watches a man awash in the mark die. After searching her memories, Cassie realizes she can see a person’s imminent death. Not how or where, only when: today.

Armed with a vague understanding of the light, Cassie begins to explore her “gift,” seeking those marked for death and probing the line between decision and destiny. Though she’s careful to hide her secret—even from her new philosophy-obsessed boyfriend—with each impending death comes the temptation to test fate. But so many questions remain. How does the mark work? Why is she the only one who sees it? And finally, the most important of all: If you know today is someone’s last, should you tell them?

My Thoughts: We are first introduced to Cassie. She's just a normal girl who longs for a family. Yeah, sure she has Nan but she still wonders about her parents often. They were killed in a car crash when she was young. She has always seen the light on people who are going to die but she never knew what it meant, until recently. We are introduced to all the side characters. Nan is her grandmother who took her in when her parents passed away, schoolmates, and than the 2 guys who I adored at first glance. We meet Lucas who she meets when she goes to live with her aunt. He is a college TA and Cassie gets close to him and they form a relationship. We also meet Jack who is her friend from home. We don't get much interaction between Jack and Cassie but I tended to like him more than Lucas. We learn more about Cassie and how she can see a person's death. She dosen't know much about her gift, only that she sees the light and they die within 24 hours. I loved this book. There were times I wanted to yell, cry, and laugh! If you knew someone was going to die in 24 hours would you tell them? Would they want to know? If it was your last day on earth what would you want to do? Read this book to find out what happens to Cassie and which guy does she end up with? Who understands her? What happens? Does Cassie learn to deal with her "unusual" gift??

Overall: Really enjoyed this one! Read it in one sitting! I really liked Cassie and I liked the guys and how each one understood her and how they made her "feel."

Cover: I think the cover fits the book! And its soooo perty!!!

What I'd Give It:


Kari Olson said...

Awesome looking review! I am really excited for this book- I have heard rare negative reviews for it.

brizmus said...

Super good review! I've really got to pick this one up!

Bookalicious Ramblings said...

Can't wait to read this one myself!

Erin said...

I have heard some pretty mixed reviews, but if you gave it 5 cupcakes then I have to read it. :]

Ivana said...

I so want to read this!

I have an award for you

aqtbenz said...

I gave you an award!

Jessica said...

Great review! Yet another book I have yet to pick up.

Holy popular! I gave you an award as well, over at Book Bound. (Sorry if you've already recieved it!)

Obviously, you have many fans! Keep up the great work!

kanishk said...

Super good review! I've really got to pick this one up!

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tinjewlz said...

i really really want to read this...i love the cover!


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