Sunday, January 17

A Little Update

So, I was talking to a few bloggers tonight and they asked me if I would be hosting contests again this year! For all you guys who followed me in October, you noticed I hosted A LOT of contests. A new contest every hour or so. hehe. Wasn't that a blast? For all of us book lovers, it was heaven!

Well, you may have guessed how much work it took me. I put that thing together within 4 days. Contacting authors, writing up book summaries, scheduling the posts, all the misc work. It was exhausting! This year I will be starting to plan it the beginning of March since the read a thon is April 10th. I want to have time to contact authors, give myself time to get everything together so its perfect for you.

I know its a little ways away, but I want it to be better this year and more planned out and it takes time to contact authors. I had authors contact me after the read a thon who were so swamped with email, they didn't get to mine until months after the readathon was over. And they were bummed they missed it!

I have created a blog just for getting it ready. I'll be spending the next few months working on it. I'm almost done with college and this semester is going to be my hardest semester so I am starting very early so I can balance my time better.

If You Want to re-read the rules from last year, free feel. RULES HERE

Please Feel Free To Visit the site and read the info post.
-----What Is This? HERE

Anyone can Participate!

If Your Author, Feel Free To Sign up Now!

Cindy aka Princess Bookie


Anonymous said...

I'd like to help! Please email me at katlynpicard(at)yahoo(dot)com with a list of things you need done and I will do my best to help! Thanks!!

Kari Olson said...

Thanks for always holding these and good luck in your last semester!

Erin said...

Can you participate if you're not a blogger?

Cindy said...

Yep anyone can!

Justine said...

This was always so fun! Looking forward for it :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oooh, I will try to participate this time! :)

Katrina said...

Wow, I cannot believe you did all that in 4 days! You are amazing! I have 2 more semesters until I get my associates and I have a lot of the more difficult courses to do. So, I know how you feel. I am going to see what I can do about helping out.


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