Sunday, February 28

Calling All Authors/Bloggers

There will be no memes this week because I will be working on Contests posts/contests/etc. Sorry. The contests here at Princess Bookie are barely over a month away and I need to spend some time finishing things up so I am taking a break from memes this week. I hope you all understand!

I am still in need of more donations for the contests, seriously! Remember, the book/prize you donate ships directly from you to the winner. Please do not sign up if your not serious about it. I will be keeping track of all donations and making sure they are shipped to the winner so please only donate if you are 100% serious about sending it! The contest is put up here at Princess Bookie during the 2nd week in April. If you donate a prize or book than it gets your blog or book if your an author a bit of attention during the contests! If you want to look at the last Contest Craze, check out the tag contest craze 09.

If you want to know a little bit more about contests please read the following post: HERE.

If your a blogger and want to donate please read the following pst: HERE

If your an Author and want to donate please contact me at

Remember this is just something extra I do for all the young adult readers out there! Most of the contests are aimed at you!

I just host a bunch of contests in April!


Kari Olson said...

You still rock for putting all this together =) And I offered up a book on your sheet.

Cindy said...

Thanks! Its appreciated!

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I'm excited about this! I've never done a Read-A-Thon before, and I signed up to donate an ARC :)


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