Thursday, February 4

I'm So Sure by Jenny B Jones

Summary: First, her family is chosen for a reality TV show, then she's forced to get a part-time job at a feminine hygiene plant. Bella tries to press STOP before she totally loses her cool.

Bella Kirkwood is finally situated in her new hometown, but she's not ready for the whirlwind of randomness that takes place next. When her stepdad enters a new wrestling reality show, Bella is pulled along for the ride as her life goes on display for all the world to see. When the cameras roll, Bella must solve a prom-queen mystery, deal with her returning ex-boyfriend, and keep her cool as she works alongside the hot but irritating newspaper editor Luke Sullivan.

Who needs TV when you're living the charmed life?

My Thoughts: Whoa, what a book. I really enjoyed this one. A little less than the first one but that was probably because of the wresting angle. But it was still great. We are introduced to Bella again and her friends and family. Her life has became a national tv show. A reality show! This book is full of laugh out loud moments just like its ancestor. We are reunited with newspaper editor Luke Sullivan and her crappy ex-boyfriend Hunter. I enjoyed Luke's presence in this book very much. Of course the show makes everything look like more than it is. It catches her in some sticky situations. It catches her in misleading situations with Luke and Hunter both. I loved the family angle again. I loved the farm angle. I really liked this book a lot. Honestly, you have to read this series. I can't wait til book 3 comes out. I want it now! I can't wait to see what happens with Bella and Luke.

Overall: Loved it! Looking forward to book 3! Can it just hurry up and get published so I can devour it?? I have a feeling I'm going to like it even more than the first 2! hehe

Cover: Its cute! I love the animals on each of the book covers!

What I'd Give It:


Anonymous said...

I already ordered SO Not Happening, now you're telling me this one is great too... Cindy, you're going to be the ruin of me, lol ;-)
Thanks for the review.

Sara said...

This book sounds like a fun read! And I looove the cover! Gonna have to put this one on my wish list!

Robby said...

This sounds so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

Aww, what a cute and quirky cover. Wonderful review, this sounds like a hilarious read. :D

Jill Buck said...

This sounds like an interesting series!


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