Monday, March 8

Voice Your Opinions

It's time to voice your opinions!

I have gotten all the posts for Contest Craze typed up (in April). There are a lot of contests!

When should I start? It was originally supposed to be the 2nd weekend in April BUT should I start it early? There are ALOT of contests. Here are the negatives and positives the way I see it.

Positive Of Starting Early:
More time for people to come enter
Easier To Enter- When lots of people are on the site, it tends to slow down and take a while to load. This was brought to my attention last November.

Contests will go on longer. (either way enteries won't close until April 12th) (this could be positive or negative really)
Not as many contests at once. (more spread out)
Less Reviews From Me (unless I designate certain days a week to post reviews)

Please Leave Your Comments and Vote On The Right Hand Poll!

Keep In Mind, There Are ALOT of contests!


Anonymous said...

I think you should start early. More people can join and more people will hear about the contests therefore more entries. But then again, the second week sounds good too!

Diana Dang said...

I would want it to start during March Break since it would be a lil easier for me :P But fine either way!

Becca said...

Starting early sounds good. Maybe just a week or two. That way, like you said, there won't be as much lag and more people will have the opportunity to find the contests.

Holly said...

I'd prefer to be able to enter them now.

Andrea said...

Blessings, andrea


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