Friday, April 9

It's Tomorrow!!!!!

Guess what I will be doing tomorrow? Guess, Guess, Guess! Yep, I'll be reading all day!!!! My plan is to read books that look interesting off my TBR. I'll just randomly pick them out, whatever I'm in the mood for!

Guess what-else tomorrow is!?! More contests! A lot of contests! The past 2 weeks worth of contests have been leading up to tomorrow's big day of contests! Aren't you excited? I am!

Be sure to come stalk the blog tomorrow for tons of fabulous contests and a mini challenge to boot!!!!

In Other News:

I've had a lot of people not claiming their prizes the past 2 weeks so I'm going to turn some of the contest into forms for tomorrow, this will make it easier to figure out winners and have the prize sent directly to them. Of course I will still announce winners on the site. All the books shipping from book depository I will do this with, so I can get on the site, and order them all at once and not have to worry about waiting on each person to email me their address. Most of them will be preorders anyways since shipping is free. This will make it less time consuming for me (so I don't have to go to the site 10 different times). (see below this paragraph)

I also had a lovely author friend (M) donate a giftcard to Book depository so I'm picking out books for contests for you to win! Will ship directly from book depository to you! Picking out good ones and budgeting so more books can be given away from her!!!!

Also, remember theres still today to get your bonus 5 points into one of the contests! Today is the last day to get those points! Read about it HERE.

The contests tomorrow will start at 8 AM Central Time and new ones will be posted ALL day long! Remember to read the directions, fill out the form if need be, or leave your email address in comments if no form is required!!!

Thank You to all the bloggers and authors who donated for all these neat contests!!!!

Good Luck and I hope you win!


j said...

Yay! Can't wait :)

bookaholic said...

Cant wait either!

Unknown said...

Can't wait! Hopefully I can get online tomorrow

Just Your Typical Book Blog said...

I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be insanely awesome! (And of course I ended up having to work and throw a wedding shower right after work! Ahh!!)


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