Monday, April 12

Mini Challenge Answers

I know your all curious how many you got right on the mini challenges!

Name That Blogger:
1) Kristi from The Story Siren
"If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all."
2) Stephanie from Juiciliciousss Reviews
"A reviewer blog dedicated in reviewing YA novels and, occasionally, Adult and Children novels."
3) Yan from Books From Their Cover
"An alien life form visiting Earth to enjoy good books."
4) Kari from A Good Addiction
"I love reading and I am also working on my own novel - it is going to a trilogy, young adult fantasy."
5) Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century
"Welcome to my blog and may you enjoy my insights on the books I have been reading."
6) Lauren from Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf
"I'm a high school student from a tiny/slightly boring town in the mountains of Pennsylvania."
7) Eleni from La Femme Readers
"I graduated with a BA in English and I am hoping to break into publishing one day as either a publicist or agent."
8) Taschima from Bloody Bookaholic
"Let me state the obvious, I am an avid reader."
9) Briana from The Book Pixie
"I am a homeschooled junior who loves reading and photography."
10) Natalie from Mindful Musings
"I’m always willing to try a new book, even if it strikes me as something that I wouldn’t usually read."

Name That Book Cover:
1) Spirit Bound
2) Dark Flame
3) Forgive My Fins
4) The Deadly Sister
5) After The Kiss
6) Wired
7) The Cinderella Society
8) Princess for Hire
9) Endless Summer
10) Mockingjay
11) A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
12) You Wish
13) The Reckoning
14) Halo
15) Torment


Lena1xoxo said...

OMG, how did I miss The Mockingjay? Epic fail. Hahaha.

Raíla said...

I CAN'T believe I missed HALO and TORMENT. =O

Malbebe said...

How in the world did I miss Mockingjay and Torment. I've seen their covers a thousand times.

Emma Kate "Coops" @ Whats Cracking Coops said...

WHOOT!!! I got all the ones I'd heard about right, the other 3 I didn't guess I'd never seen/heard of...whoot for me! *dances*

I also got some of the book bloggers right...YAY! And there's some more there to check their blogs out...teheheh ;)

Cool challenge!

Chioma said...

I can't believe I missed Lauren. I new I followed that blog I just didn't know which one was hers, and then right after I go and check my updates, there she is. How could I forget!!!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I cannot believe that I missed Mockingjay!! I've seen the cover so many times and I just couldn't place it with that tiny little snippet of it. I'm still pleased with how many I got. It was fun searching them all out :D

Noella said...

Lol I can't believe I missed Mockingjay too. I was thinking along the lines of some hand holding a wand but couldn't find it haha

bookaholic said...

I missed 4,6 and 11...but they were pretty tough no regret! Just hope I win this one :)


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