Saturday, April 10

Name That Book Blogger Challenge

You heard it right folks!!!! This is a mini challenge to name that book blogger!! How well do you know your bloggers??!!! These Images Are Taken From Their Blogs!

Is The Image Not Enough? Here Are Their Quotes!
1."If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again, there is no use in reading it at all."
2. "A reviewer blog dedicated in reviewing YA novels and, occasionally, Adult and Children novels."
3. "An alien life form visiting Earth to enjoy good books."
4. "I love reading and I am also working on my own novel - it is going to a trilogy, young adult fantasy."
5. "Welcome to my blog and may you enjoy my insights on the books I have been reading."
6. "I'm a high school student from a tiny/slightly boring town in the mountains of Pennsylvania."
7. "I graduated with a BA in English and I am hoping to break into publishing one day as either a publicist or agent."
"Let me state the obvious, I am an avid reader."
9. "I am a homeschooled junior who loves reading and photography."
10. "I’m always willing to try a new book, even if it strikes me as something that I wouldn’t usually read."

Winner Wins 2 surprise ARCS PLUS 3 preorders from book depository which includes:

To Enter Fill Out This Form With Your Answers! Each Book Blogger You Name, You Get one Entry Into The Contest! They should look something like this; Example: Cindy@Princess Bookie


bookaholic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
estereta said...

Entered! I liked this challange.

Chioma said...

This was a fun challenged, I cant believe how many I remebered from the top of my haead!!!

Alyssa F said...

Fun challenge!

Brodie said...

Another fun challenge! And it was great being able to recognise some of the faces - they're all such famous little bloggers ;)

Jiinie said...

Wow the second one took me so long to get, and now I feel really blonde for not knowing who it was to begin with!

Malbebe said...

This was fun :)

Bianca said...

Great challenge! I knew all of them. Although, I could've for the life of me remember one of them, although I do know that I follow her! Ugh.


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