Thursday, June 10

The Oracle Of Dating

By Allison Van Diepen

Summary: No one at Kayla’s school knows she’s the famous Oracle of Dating—the anonymous queen of dating advice, given through her own Web site. Kayla doesn’t even have a boyfriend. Two relationship disasters were enough to make her focus on everyone else’s love life. But then her advice backfires on her own best friend. And Kayla starts to seriously obsess about Jared Stewart—the very cute, very mysterious new guy in school. Suddenly, the teen queen of advice needs her own oracle of dating--and she knows just where to find one...

My Thoughts:
If I had to describe this book in one word, I would use the word, "awesome!" If I had to describe this book in one sentence, I would say "Every girl who has ever liked a boy should read this book."

We meet Kayla who is pretty much average. She has her group of friends, doesn't get out there and date but is every one's friends. She understands every one's problems and has enough of her own. She's had a few boyfriends but neither one was an ego boost. She started a site called The Oracle Of Dating. The Oracle Of Dating is a place where people can IM or call to get dating advice. It also has a website where Kayla can give advice. Kayla starts to like a boy in her glass, Jared. Jared is one of those guys you try not to be attracted too and just want to ignore but that never happens. No matter how much you try to avoid him, you feel yourself pulled into him thinking about him at all hours of the day.

Kayla has to raise money so she has a speed dating night. Of course Jared comes thinking Kayla might be participating but she's not since she's the one in charge. The form he had to fill out afterward and what he wrote, had me just giggling like a schoolgirl. You can feel the sparks between Jared and Kayla all throughout the book. Kayla is unsure Jared likes her and when he starts dating the popular girl, that scares Kayla off even more.

I had so much fun reading this book. The advice Kayla gave all the characters was wonderful. I felt myself transformed back to my high school years wishing I had an Oracle Of Dating, somewhere to turn too when I needed a question answered. Getting to know each of Kayla's friends throughout the book was also a plus. I felt myself blushing, laughing, smiling throughout this whole book and Jared is just so freaking adorable.

Yes, this is a cute girly book. If your looking for something fun and romantic, this is the book you should read next. It is also deeper than it sounds, I could see myself being friends with Kayla and taking her advice to heart. I could see myself falling for Jared. There is also a sequel in the works and I can't wait to read it.

Overall: I loved this book. Its cute, fun, and overall exciting and a thrill to read.

Cover: Really like it a lot. The girls all have such colorful clothes on and it just spices it up a little.

What I'd Give It:


Jan von Harz said...

Just from the title you know that the book has got to humorous. But based on your review it sounds like Kayla is a strong character in her own right. I really enjoyed your review, and will definitely pick this one up soon.

Gaby G said...

I loved this book!!

Tashya said...

Hi PB/Cindy, thanks so much for reviewing Oracle. It's one of my pet favorites in the HQ Teen lineup. And I KNOW you'll love the sequel! (but please do tell us what you think when it comes out!). If you ever need an HQ Teen book, please let me know and I'll make it happen.
--Natashya (Wilson, Sr. Ed. for HQ Teen)

Manda said...

I loved it too! It's a really entertaining and informative read.


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