Wednesday, July 28

CSN Review

I got my bookcase from CSN!

There were many Positives and a few Negatives about this bookcase!

The Positives, it came fast! It was delivered within a week of ordering it by Fedex! The box was also very sturdy. After it was built, it is a very sturdy bookcase! Once its assembled it was also very easy to fold up and move around. If you are a college student and don't have many people helping you move, this is the bookcase to have. You pick it up, put it under your arm and your good to go. It also isn't very heavy so if your single, you don't need a big grizzly man to help you move it. You can also fit a good number of books onto each shelf.

The Negatives, there weren't many. I think the biggest negative is that it isn't already built. It says foldable so I figured some of the pieces would be put together already but they weren't. It took about an hour to put together but that isn't too bad.
And, I doubt it would have fit in the box if it was put together! LOL

Overall: I really like it. Its a good bookcase to have and it fits pretty much anywhere. And you can also see the titles of your books very easily. It holds them and also doesn't move around if the floor shakes. I don't see it tumbling over very easily! I'm very satisfied with it!

If your interested in buying this shelf, purchase one HERE


Unknown said...

Do you think this shelf would work for picture books? And is it stable enough it would withstand many little hands pulling books on and off all day long? (Without tipping.)

I have home daycare and have been desperately looking for a good shelf.


Cindy said...

Probably! its pretty sturdy. one of the better ones I've seen.


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