Wednesday, August 18

You Wish Winner

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Winner Is Khelsea

You Won:

Mandy also commented on the top 5!

1) I LOOOVE the font on this one. LOVE IT. While the image is a little dark (especially compared to the bright pink cupcake version) the font and tag line plays it up, so you found a nice balance.

2) The image on this one, I think, conveys the moodiness of Kayla, the main character, really well. It's almost a little meloncholy. I love the sort of "message" that the girl is wishing on a shooting star. And I love that "YOU" and "WISH" are different fonts.

3) This one is beautiful in its simplicity-- striking, really. The text placement works really well. It definitely grabs your attention.

4)This one has been my favorite since the second I saw it. It's probably because it has such a romancey feeling. I just keep staring at it, screaming, KISS HIM ALREADY. Not aloud. Just in my head, I swear. ;-) I just really love the composition, too, of the cake in front of the couple. A slam dunk, in my eyes. :-)

5) I'm really glad this one made it to the finals! It looks most like it could actually be Kayla-- dark, sort of messy hair, bright-red nails, etc. And of course the dandelion itself symbolizes the wishes, but in a less obvious way than if she'd been blowing on it. Plus, the text at the bottom looks professional-- the two tones, sort of worn-out color to the font.... I really like it!

Thanks for participating! Please go out and buy your copy of You Wish right now! It's a wonderful book! Check out Princess Bookie's Review Here!

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fredamans said...

Congrats, it was the one I always picked too!


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