Friday, September 24

Top 6 Comments Of Freefall

Mindi has stopped by to comment on the top 6 Freefall covers!

1.  This version caught my eye from the very beginning of the contest. I adore the color scheme!  And to me, these characters exude this simultaneous playfulness and longing that perfectly demonstrates The Love Story in my book.  I smile every time I look at it!

2.  An excellent job of working the (unanswerable) tagline!  The character here really, really looks like he is going to topple over that cliff within the next fraction of a second.  No doubt about it!  And how can he come back from that?  :-)

 3.  The gray sky here is so fitting because Freefall takes place the Pacific NW. And the boy on a rock, staring toward water?  That totally happens in the story!  It's very cool to get to see it depicted in this way!

 4.  This purple is gorgeous!  And love, love, love the use of font.  It gives a very vivid picture of what is awaiting him when he comes to the end of his freefall!

5.  Talk about a well-done mood piece!  Every detail here from the black to the shadowy figure to branches to the the cracked glass gives me a sense that something upsetting--and even dangerous--is going to happen.  It kind of gives me chills!

 6.  I love the vibe in this one and how they're facing each other, but they're both looking down.  It could be interpreted as sort of a shy thing, or a moody thing, or a combination of both.  And could that girl in her little white dress be any cuter? I think not. 

Thanks Mindi for stopping by! Thanks to everyone who participated, hope you had fun!


Unknown said...

Love's soo cool to hear what the author has to say about something you worked so hard on! :) The covers really were amazing...

Unknown said...

So cool to hear from the author!

Covers were amazing!

linz said...

I love hearing the author's opinion of cover remakes. It's very interesting to hear what they like, or don't, and since they know the book best, they can see things in the remakes even the creator can't. Very cool.

Mandy said...

It's pretty cool that we get her opinion on the books (:


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