Thursday, September 16

Updates-Read All About It!

Yes, Yes, it's me with updates! First off, I put up a poll on the left hand side! Please take a moment and go vote! I've had a lot of good responses about Contest Craze. I've had more authors/publishers donate than I expected and it's great!!! I am super excited about Contest Craze as I'm sure many of you are. If you don't remember from last time or weren't around to join in the fun, it's basically a lot of different books you can win that others have donated! It's like the ultimate fantasy for all of us book lovers out there. If you vote for the earlier ones, it will start off with one contest per day than the major blowout in a few weeks.

Second off, because I didn't want to turn any authors/publishers away I have had a few books sent to my home for donations. They wanted to donate but wanted to go ahead and ship the book out now, so they didn't forget so I have some sitting in my possession to mail out to winners. It's not a big deal I told them. I told them I'd take up a donation shipping box and make a goal out of it. I'm going to pay half the shipping and take donations for the other 35 (Yes, yes, there are that many prizes being shipped directly from me from them). A friend told me about the cool nano word count so I am using that for the dollar count (instead of the word count). How cool is that? I think it's a neat little tool! $35 may seem like a lot to donate so don't worry if you can't donate anything at all or even much. If 35 people donate $1 that would work. It will add up quick! Once I hit the $35 mark, the button will be disabled with the goal met. Paypal is also very secure (I use it for almost everything). Remember paypal also takes a small fee so most likely about 40 people will have to donate a 1.00 unless a few chip it for a bit more than a buck! Example: Erin donated 1.00 and I got .67 cents out of it. You get the drill! Hopefully we meet the goal of $35! However, IF you just do the payment owed or gift (send money-personal) option on paypal there is no fee. If you would rather do that, the email to send the 1.00 to is (either way it all goes to the same account-to the same fund).

Finally, please take this time to think about helping out by donating using the secure paypal button on the left hand side or even voting on the poll!!! Thanks, and can't wait to see you during Contest Craze!

Cindy AKA Princess Bookie


REVISED: I dug out some of my ARCS PLUS had a few more authors donate and send me the books SO I have revised this post. Our new goal is $55!!!! That will pay to ship everything out!!!!


Erin said...

$1 is nothing. I hope you reach your goal soon, I just gave my dollar!!! :]

Cindy said...

Thank You Erin! $1.00 so far! Its cool its so easy to update the status bar on the side, so I can do it quickly! yay!

Cindy said...

Forgot about that fee! explained it in the post though!

linz said...

I cannot wait for contest craze! Good luck!

Unknown said...

Good Luck! I cant wait!

Also don't forget to check out my amazing giveaways located at the top of my blog posts.

Ashley's Bookshelf

Mandy said...

I'm going to vote, and maybe donate a dollar too (:

Betty: Reflections with Coffee said...

Phooey - I donated before I read the whole post about the gift to the other addy.
That'll teach me to read first!


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