Thursday, October 28

Generation Dead

By Daniel Waters

Summary: Phoebe and her fellow Oakvale High students aren't quite sure why dead teenagers started coming back to life and attending their school. The eerie phenomenon is attributed to a combination of "teenage hormones and fast food preservatives," happening only in the United States. Though Oakvale has a reputation for being most supportive of these "living impaired" teens, most of the students aren't happy about the thought of having to eat, study, and socialize in an environment permeated with the deceased. Unlike most of her fellow students, Goth-girl Phoebe finds herself harboring a crush on Tommy, one of the dead teens. A love triangle soon develops when her friend Adam, who is supportive of Tommy and the zombies, realizes that he is also in love with her. A threat by another student to destroy the dead teens ultimately forces Adam to choose between old alliances and protecting the living dead teens he has come to admire.

My Thoughts: I'm not a fan of zombies. I usually just don't care for them and I find no interest in reading about them so I was a little wary going into Generation Dead. Generation Dead is definitely a new take on the world of dead people aka zombies. We are introduced to Phoebe who is basically a goth girl. She has a guy friend named Adam who of course is in love with her, yet she does not realize this. The town she lives in is becoming a new home for a lot of teen zombies. One of her friends even died and turned into a zombie. She also meets the new kid in school Tommy, who is a zombie. He seems a little smarter than most zombies and his motor skills are more acquired. Than there is Pete, he acts jerky and is not compassionate at all, especially towards zombies.

This book was full of a lot of supporting characters and they all balanced out each other. Nobody was perfect. They knew each other were not perfect and yet most of them did accept each other which I enjoyed and looked up too. Phoebe starts a budding romance with Tommy but is really unsure what it is or how she really feels. Adam sits on the sidelines and just hopes she starts to notice her. He does try to be happy for her but its hard sometimes.

Pete is out to get the zombies. He wants them completely gone, not coming back from the dead. He feels like they will steal all the humans lives away from them eventually, their jobs, their girlfriends, etc.

I really enjoyed Generation Dead a lot more than I had originally thought I would. I think this one leads up to a great second novel. I have a feeling I am going to like the second one more because now Phoebe has even more challenges. Do not read the description for the second book if you haven't read the first! It has too many spoilers in it!

Overall: I really liked this one. Hopefully I learn to love zombies more and find more books to read about zombies!

Cover: Its really neat. I like the girl in a cheerleader uniform and I like all the coloring. It's very eye catching.

What I'd Give It:


Natasha said...

Great review! I really like this series. I haven't read the newest yet, but I hope to soon!

John The Bookworm said...

I really enjoy this series! #1 was slow in parts (maybe just me) but #2 got even better, and I have #3 waiting. It promises to be amazing times twenty. Which is a lot of amazing. So yeah, glad you liked it. Sometimes zombies are actually interesting!

*Note* The Forest of Hands and Teeth also makes zombies interesting. And in that one they do kill people. But it's fun. Kinda.

Kelly aka yllektra(I Work For Books) said...

This book is definitely in my TBR piles, exactly because zombies in it, don't seem to be the monsters we are all afraid of and who come after us for our brains! lol

It's quite original!
Thanks so much for the review. It looks really enjoyable!

Wrighty said...

I just finished the third book and really liked this series. It was a lot different than I thought it would be. I liked the emphasis on prejudice and intolerance. Very interesting. Great review!


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