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Will Work For Prom Dress By Aimee Ferris

Will Work For Prom Dress by Aimee Ferris
Release Date: February 8, 2011
Publisher: EgmontUSA
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 272
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Summary: Quigley Johnson has, reluctantly, given up the rest of her last year of high school to take part in her best friend Ann's Betterment Plan, which will turn them into the best-dressed, most sought-after, most admired girls at their senior formal. Because - hey - who doesn't want the perfect prom, complete with a dream dress and a devastatingly handsome date? 
But the prom costs money - lots of money - and even though the girls could easily have Ann's mom design their dresses (she's only Victoria Parisi, one of the most famous designers in the world), Ann insists that they pay their own way.  And that's how Quigley gets stuck making artistic topping masterpieces on frozen pizzas canvases, before becoming a live model for Ms. Parisi's fashion design class, where she meets Zander.
He's cute, and cool, and funny, with a killer design sensibility (even if he can't sketch).  But is he too good to be true? And what about David, the hot, talented artist at school, who's also kind of a jerk, but won't leave Quigley alone? And Ann - she started the Betterment Plan to improve Quigley and herself, but it seems like it's ripping their friendship to shreds.
This road to the prom dream may just end in disaster.

My Thoughts: We are introduced to Quigley and Ann who are best friends but couldn't be more different. Ann has a celebrity mom while Quigley is pretty ordinary. Ann's had a boyfriend or more like tons, Quigley hasn't. Ann and Quigley end up being models for Ann's moms class. They want to earn a little extra money for their prom dresses. What better way to do it than become a model for a class? They have to be models for a designer class where people in the class will fit their designs on them. Pretty simple right? Both girls end up with two guys tailing them and than the drama begins. I won't tell too much of Ann's story besides the fact that I really enjoyed her daddy drama. The rest you'll have to find out when you read the book.. I will focus on Quigley since she was my favorite girl. Her arch-rival David from school starts taking a liking to her and Quigley just doesn't understand him. Why would he even like her when all he has done is be mean to her? They have competed and competed in art competitions and Ann finds him annoying and a bit of a jerk. He always seemed to be looking out for himself more than anything.

Than there is Zander who is the only person in the whole class who wanted to use her as his model. Him being a designer,  Quigley thought maybe he was gay. They become friends and really hit it off. Quigley is trying to decide which guy is for her throughout the book while juggling plans with Ann on how to get both girls a prom date. 

Honestly, I can't say much more or else I'll give everything away about the book. I liked Quigley and Ann's relationship even though they both had their problems and quirks. I wanted to see Quigley be a bit more confident but I understood she was the shy one. 

I did not see the twists coming with Zander, I wondered what his story was throughout the book but it didn't even dawn on me the reasoning behind his personality.  I really liked that it surprised the heck out of me. 

Will Work For Prom Dress was a cute and fun read. It would be a neat book to read before going to prom!  

Overall: I really enjoyed Will Work For Prom Dress. It was hilarious  and adorable. I liked the love triangles and my favorite scene was when they were looking at the stars. Awwww! 

Cover: The cover has a lot of nice colors. Even though it doesn't have real people on it, its still a really cute cover. 

What I'd Give It: 


Lisa said...

This sounds like such a great book. I love that they sign up to be models for a fashion class. How cool would that be to have clothes made especially for your shape.

Invention Agents said...

Absolutely adorable full party dress for work will appeal to readers young and not so young who love high school romance with a little thought bubble.


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