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Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann
Release Date: February 8, 2011
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 240
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Summary: The small town of Cryer's Cross is rocked by tragedy when an unassuming freshman disappears without a trace. Kendall Fletcher wasn’t that friendly with the missing girl, but the angst wreaks havoc on her OCD-addled brain.

When a second student goes missing - someone close to Kendall's heart - the community is in an uproar. Caught in a downward spiral of fear and anxiety, Kendall¹s not sure she can hold it together. When she starts hearing the voices of the missing, calling out to her and pleading for help, she fears she’s losing her grip on reality. But when she finds messages scratched in a desk at school - messages that could only be from the missing student who used to sit there - Kendall decides that crazy or not, she’d never forgive herself if she didn’t act on her suspicions.

Something's not right in Cryer’s Cross - and Kendall’s about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets buried.

My Thoughts: Hmmm. I find this review really hard to write. First off, I will say that I'm a huge fan of McMann's other books. There was just something about them that always left me wanting more. Cryer's Cross was not like anything McMann had ever written before. We are introduced to Kendall who lives in a small town. When I say small, I mean small. There were around 200 people who lived there. It was mainly farms, a small school, and country living. She had her friend/boyfriend N and the town mostly consisted of guys. She didn't like to label her relationship with N so calling him a boyfriend is a bit of an overstatement I guess. There weren't a whole lot of girls Kendall could hang out with. A while back, a girl went missing. They never did find her. The town still remembers it and people are still afraid to go out at night. Kendall also has OCD so she has to go to school early to make sure things are in order-especially the desks. When a new family arrives in town it shakes things up a bit. There is a guy and a girl. We'll call them J and M for now. I don't want to give away too many spoilers including how cool their names were. hehe.

Well, one day her "boyfriend" starts acting weird and than he too goes missing. She starts to become better friends with M and J and they are there for her. She starts to have feelings towards J. In my eyes, the chemistry was always there and they had serious romantic potential. The soccer element also helped a lot for character development.

Anyways, come to find out, messages are being written on N's old desk (there is so much mystery to this desk) and Kendall starts hearing voices.

I don't want to give away the whole plot to this one so I will end there so you can read the book to find out what happens yourself. Does Kendall end up with her "boyfriend" or the new guy? Doe's she ever get over her OCD? Is there more to this town and its mysteries than we know?

Overall: It's hard to describe this book. I liked it but I didn't love it. It was a fast read just like McMann's previous books. It was definitely weird but a good weird. Does that make sense? If you like The Dream Catcher books, you'll most likely enjoy this one, but if your like me probably not as much.

Cover: It's creepy huh? I like it.

What I'd Give It:


Anonymous said...

Great review! I really want to read this book and the cover is super creepy!

Ellz said...

I have been reading tons of mixed reviews. All I know is that the countdown widget was creepy. Still on my list!

Andrea said...

I have been trying to decide whether or not to read this one since I liked her others. Maybe one day...

Mandy said...

I've heard great things about this book. The cover isn't that appealing, but hey. It's not good to judge a book by it's cover, right?

I still haven't read her Dream Catcher series, but I own the first book. I plan to try and read them soon.

Great review! Sorry it wasn't loveworthy.

lavender oil said...

I got this e-book from Simon and Schuster by MissDawn_ who sent a wonderful letter from a long period of time with it.


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