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Rhymes with Cupid by Anna Humphrey

Rhymes with Cupid  by Anna Humphrey
Release Date: December 21, 2010
Publisher: HarperTeen
Age Group: Young Adult 
Pages: 240

Summary:  All Elyse Ulrich wants is to get through Valentine’s Day as painlessly as possible, but working at Goodman’s Gifts & Stationery—surrounded by singing Cupid dolls, tacky heart-shaped balloons, and sappy cards with poems that don’t even really rhyme—is not helping.
Neither is Patrick, the new boy at the mall who keeps asking her out. So what if he’s charming, considerate, funny, and, okay, really cute? Elyse isn’t interested in putting her heart on the line. But as February 14th approaches, avoiding Cupid’s arrow turns out to be a lot harder than she expected.

My Thoughts: As soon as I saw this book up for preorder on amazon, I knew it was my kind of book! It looked so adorable! It sounded adorable and the cover is really cute!

We are introduced to Elyse who has sworn off Valentines Day and boyfriends. Her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend so she has no reason to even think about being in love again! She won't do it. She never wants to get hurt again. She works at Goodman's Gifts & Stationary which would be a good job except for the fact that she has to stand around selling mushy cards all day. And of course its almost Valentine's Day. She wants to forget the day even exists. The only good thing about working is spending time with her friend and co-worker Dina. 

Elyse and her mom even moved to the other side of town just so she doesn't have to run into her ex-boyfriend and best friend. Her new neighbor Patrick starts showing interest in Elyse, she tries to hook him up with Dina. And of course he's also her new driving instructor. So, Elyse finds herself spending more and more time with Patrick and getting to know him and slowly starting to think maybe he is one of the nice guys. But Dina likes him, so what can she really do? 

Want to find out what happens between Dina, Patrick, and Elyse? Read the book to find out! 

Rhymes With Cupid was a cute book! It was brain candy! Sweet and tasty!

Overall: I really enjoyed it! It was cutesy and fun to read. There wasn't a whole lot of deep thought to it, I think its supposed to be a cute book that makes you go "awwwwww." Loved Patrick. He was such a cutie!

Cover: Love This Cover! I love how he is feeding her, and that ice cream looks so yummy!!! Wonder if there is any in the fringe right now!

What I'd Give It:  


Racquel Jones said...

Wonderful review! This book does sound cute! I might just go pick it up. :)

*~` `~*

~Enamored Soul~ said...

I love the name Elyse! Thank you so much for the wonderful review, dear. I'm definitely going to be looking into reading this book now! :D

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