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Dreamland Social Club by Tara Altebrando

Dreamland Social Club By Tara Altebrando
Release Date: May 12, 2011
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile 
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 304

Summary: Jane has traveled the world with her father and twin brother, but it's not until her fractured family–still silently suffering from the loss of Jane's mother many years before–inherits a house and a history in Coney Island that she finally begins to find a home. With the help of a new community of friends, a mermaid's secrets, and a tattooed love interest with traffic-stopping good looks, the once plain Jane begins to blossom and gains the courage to explore the secrets of her mother's past.Colorful characters, beautiful writing, and a vibrant, embattled beachfront backdrop make this the perfect summer read for anyone who has ever tried to find true love or a place to call home.

My Thoughts: Dreamland Social Club was an imaginative book. We are introduced to Jane who lost her mother, lives with her father and brother. They have just moved back to Coney Island into her grandfather's old house to clean it up and sell it.  They arrive and instantly Jane and her brother Marcus are frowned upon. Nobody really liked their grandfather so they also get shunned.  Coney Island is in the process of being torn apart and bought and people who own businesses are upset about this of course.

I'm not even sure where to start with this review really. I liked the friends Jane makes. The people are very very weird in a way. Most of them have something that makes them unique to say the least. One boy looks like a giant, while another girl is a midget. There are a lot of interesting characters and friendships develop throughout the book. There is also the mysterious tattoo boy Leo. Leo was very charming and I really liked him. I wanted to know how Jane had saw his tattoos before and I was very intrigued about their history.

Jane spends the novel fighting off the boys who torment her, getting to know her new classmates, learning new things about Leo, and trying to figure out more about her mother and who she really was. 

I'm going to leave this review short and sweet. Dreamland Social Club was very interesting. The carnival aspect was awesome! We have a carnival that comes through our town every year so I totally get it. I get how carnies are different and have their own relationships with each other.

Dreamland Social Club was awesome. I also enjoyed learning more about the rides and adventures Jane experienced.

Overall: I really enjoyed it! It was a fun novel to read.

Cover: Love the cover! Definitely has the carnival feel to it, plus the pretty mermaid! 

What I'd Give It: 

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