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So Many Boys by Suzanne Young

So Many Boys by Suzanne Young
Release Date: June 10, 2010
Publisher: Razorbill
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 246

Summary: After her center-court split with Aiden, Tessa put the SOS behind her. After all, cheaters never prosper! Now she's busy working on her faux-relationship with Aiden and negotiating the unfamiliar waters of “technically single and pseudo-dating.”
Life can't get any more dismal for a one-guy kind of girl until an imposter hijacks the SOS, and it's up to Tessa to save her squad from slander. But with her best boy hot and cold, what's a kitten to do?

Even worse, Tessa doesn't realize how much she's up against—because this copykitten is far more naughty than nice.

My Thoughts: So Many Boys is the second novel in the Naughty List trilogy. We are back with Tessa, but she is no longer the cheer leading captain or caption of SOS. The cheerteam is now headed by Tessa's best friend Kira and there is a copy kitten impersonating SOS. SOS had been put on hold in the past few months.

Tessa is no longer the perky girl we once knew. Her and Aiden are kind of on a "break" since he's away at college and she doesn't have as much pep in her kick.

So Many Boys is full of so much mystery. Every few chapters there is a chapter from the fake SOS's point of view, which makes the book more mysterious and sneaky.

There is a new guy in Tessa's life but he's already taken. Joel, aka Kira's boyfriend. At first Tessa just enjoys his company. He's a sweet guy who always knows the right thing to say to comfort her but she has to watch her back with the copy kitten around. Her friendship may get twisted into something more. 

Aiden is also still around but he is sneaking around behind Tessa's back with her former captain. I just didn't like him as much in this book. His actions just made me feel miserable. 

Watch your step Tessa! Watch that copy kitten! She just may get you! I kind of expected the copy kitten to be who she was, but I had my doubts and had a few other suspicions as well. I enjoyed So Many Boys and Joel! I want to know what happens next with Joel!

Overall: Liked it a lot! Can't wait to see more of Joel.

Cover: Love it! All these covers are really cute!

What I'd Give It:

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