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Sharks and Boys by Kristen Tracy

Sharks And Boys by Kristen Tracy
Release Date: June 28, 2011 
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Age Group: Young Adult 
Pages: 272

Summary: When 15-year-old Enid Calhoun follows her boyfriend Wick to Maryland for a party, fearful that he might be intending to cheat on her, she finds herself sneaking on board a houseboat where Wick and his friends plan to have a wild night. But before the boys discover their stowaway, a hurricane strikes, and the teenagers are carried miles from the shore and shipwrecked. What follows is a harrowing, yet heartwarming, story of survival, as the teens battle hypothermia, dehydration, man-eating sharks--and along the way, confront their own deepest secrets, including their catalytic roles in the disaster.

My Thoughts: We are introduced to Enid and her twin brother Landon. They are a part of a twin studies group where they are around other twins all the time. The study also checks to see if they are like one another, or can connect easily. We are than introduced to Wick. Wick is Enid's boyfriend. At the beginning of the story, we see them together and he wants to take a break. A lot has been going on in Enid's life and things have gotten "weird" between them. 

Enid doesn't like this idea at all so she sneaks off to spy on him during a trip he's taking with his friends including Landon. Enid sneaks upon the ship and ends up falling asleep and sailing aboard with them.

Once the 8 are out on the water, things do not go as planned and a strong storm hits sending the ship down and the teens out in the water. The 7 boys and 1 girl try to survive the water as best as they can. It isn't all peaches and cream, things aren't easy. These 8 are trying to do anything they can to stay alive and help one another. 

I am stopping there. Do you want to know what happens? Do all the teens make it alive? What do they do to survive? Do Enid and Wick end up together? Read the book to find out! 

Overall: Honestly, I had high hopes for this one! I loved Tracy's Lost It so I was hoping Sharks and Boys would be just as awesome. It was a decent read, just not one of my favorites. Since so much of it took place out on the water, there wasn't much that could really happen plot-wise. It was mostly the teens talking and learning more about each person. It's a creative book with some love/family issues/ and bickering. 

Cover: The cover is really cute. I love how they are holding hands and I love the shark in the background. Neat cover.

What I'd Give It:   

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