Thursday, September 29

Contest Craze: Mini Challenge Collections-CLOSED

Today's Mini Challenge is all about Collections!

You know what I'm talking about, right? It's those important items that mean a lot to us that we can't help collecting. 

When I was a teenager I collected Beanie Babies. I had a ton! I also collected Rugrats and Care Bears. HEHE.

For a while I collected Twilight merchandise, I still do every once in a while. BUT, the thing that I have a habit of picking up every time I see something is, Hello Kitty! I have tons of Hello Kitty stuff. I even have a Hello Kitty hair dryer and a Hello Kitty toaster. I'm a little obsessed with Hello Kitty.

Challenge: Write up a blog post telling us all about your collection. What do you collect? Why do you collect it? Feel free to post pictures of your collection. Be creative.

Don't forget to link your blog post!!! 

Prize: Mystery Prize Pack of books
-Winner Picked using randomorg
-Mini Challenges will end randomly, so get your entry in asap!


Bookish in a Box said...

I had to pick ONE. I think I need to stop collecting so much...

Pabkins said...

I found your contest through my friend's blog that linked her piggy collection. I had already written a blog post about my doll collection a few months ago so I hope you don't mind that I linked that rather than writing a new one - I think my few meager followers would have been like "but we just read this awhile ago" - I'm looking forward to seeing the collections that get linked up!!


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