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Faking Faith By Josie Bloss

Faking Faith by Josie Bloss
Release Date: November 8, 2011
Publisher: Flux
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 240

Summary: After a humiliating "sexting" incident involving a hot and popular senior, seventeen-year-old Dylan has become a social outcast—harassed, ignored, and estranged from her two best friends.
When Dylan discovers the blogs of homeschooled fundamentalist Christian girls, she's fascinated by their old-fashioned conversation themes, like practicing submission to one's future husband. Blogging as Faith, her devout alter ego, Dylan befriends Abigail, the group's queen bee. But growing closer to Abigail (and her intriguing older brother) forces Dylan to choose: keep living a lie or come clean and face the consequences.

My Thoughts: Oh Gosh, how can I explain this one? This book was so not something I would normally read. It's not that I didn't like it because I did, its just not something I'd normally pick up by reading the description. I decided to try it out anyways.

We are introduced to Dylan who has two best friends. She is also not very popular so when a popular guy in school wants her attention, she instantly leaps on it. She does some pretty stupid things and in the process loses her best friends, while the boyfriend dumps her and finds a new girl. He was a jerk plain and simple.

She is depressed and shunned at school so she needs to find a new hobby. She stumbles upon blogs of Christian girls. These girls believe that it is their job to service their husbands, obey their fathers, and create a nice "home."  Dylan starts a blog and becomes one of them. It's pretty surprising how easy this is for her. She can even talk like them!

She meets a girl named Abigail and becomes friends with her and hitches up a plan to go stay with her for a few weeks. Not like she can tell her parents about this, so the plan better be good.  While she's there, she meets the older brother Asher. He has been to college, and has sinned according to their father. She also meets all the other siblings and Dylan has to go along with the traditions of the family.

Dylan starts to wonder if she could ever have feelings for another guy again especially one like Asher.

Dylan learns a lot about herself that summer and that not everything can be perfect and that she has made mistakes, but she does want to make them right.

I enjoyed Faking Faith more than I thought I would. It's a book you have to go into with an open mind. There is religion so you have to be open about it and not get offended easily. I really liked all the different characters and learning about them. I liked seeing how things are done on the farm and how crazy it is, to get up at 6 am to milk cows, or so Dylan thinks.

Overall: Dylan was a likable character. Even though she has made mistakes, she seems very real. I could see myself understanding where she's coming from on just about everything. She's trying hard to get through the tough times and focus on the future. The ending, was a little, blah. I wanted to know more of what happened, and we're just kind of left there, not really knowing. I wanted a better conclusion of where Asher is. And, I wanted to see better things for Abigail too. I didn't like how that ended up.

I really did enjoy Faking Faith but like I said, keep an open mind!

Cover: Like it enough. I like how we can't see her eyes, and how the necklace is pretty noticeable.

What I'd Give It:  

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