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Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen

Keeping The Moon by Sarah Dessen
Release Date: May 11, 2004
Publisher: Speak
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 228

Summary: While her mother, aerobics queen Kiki Sparks, spends the summer touring Europe, fifteen-year-old Colie Sparks is stuck in sleepy Colby, North Carolina. But she's not complaining. For one thing, her Aunt Mira is a sweet, laid-back eccentric; for another, no one knows that back home in Charlotte Colie is seen as a formerly-fat "golf-course slut," the school scapegoat. Then, by fate or by accident, Colie lands a waitressing job, where she meets Morgan and Isabel. The two wisecracking--and wise--20something waitresses help her turn her life around, and realize the potential that has been there all along. Sarah Dessen's newest novel is poignant, humorous, and full of characters to cherish--what readers are coming to expect from this extraordinary young talent.

My Thoughts: I've only read a few books by Sarah Dessen but I have loved them all. So I was very excited to pick up Keeping The Moon.

We are introduced to Colie whose mom is a known health nut/aerobics instructor. Both Kiki and her  daughter Colie have went from being overweight to shedding some pounds.

Colie is a cool girl. She has a lip ring and newly black hair. While her mom goes out of the country, Colie gets shipped off to stay with her aunt Mira for the summer in North Carolina. Colie doesn't know what she's really in for. She gets to Mira's and finds her aunt is a little out there. Colie has to learn to adapt to her aunt's ways and take it in stride. Mira even labels everything, especially if its broken.

Colie also meets two new friends. She isn't used to having friends since she didn't have any back home. Their names are Morgan and Isabel and she gets a job at a local bar and grill called Last Chance with them. It's something to do she figures. She also meets a boy named Norman who has his flaws but is also a great guy. He's a painter and has went against his father's wishes and just wants to paint. Colie even gets herself a portrait done.  He's an interesting guy, especially his fascination with sunglasses.

Colie discovers so much about herself through this novel. She really begins to accept herself for who she is and to not let what others think of her mean so much.

Keeping The Moon was another Sarah Dessen novel I really enjoyed. I didn't love it quite as much as others but it was still a great book. I loved all the characters. I loved her friendships, and her relationship with her aunt. She really started to care about her and what happens to her. When everyone talks about Mira, Colie wants to pipe up and tell them off. She starts to really gain independence and becomes her own person.

Keeping The Moon didn't have too much romance in it (it had some, but usually the books I read are filled with romance) but it had enough of other details going on, I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Overall: I really liked it. The characters were real, the storyline was real, I could see this all really happening. Dessen has a way with words and she makes you feel like you are really the main character.

Cover: It's too plain for my taste. Yes, the sunglasses are a nice touch but it could have been much better.

What I'd Give It:


Emidy @ Une Parole said...

Cool review! I'm sad to say that I STILL haven't read one single book by Sarah Dessen. Maybe this will be my first!

Arianne said...

this was a good book but it didn't excite me as much as i expected it to be

Jess said...

This was my first Sarah Dessen novel, so it will always be my favorite. Though I do enjoy This Lullaby


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