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Want To Find Amazing Books?

How to Find Amazing New Books

There are millions of books out there. Whether hardback, paperback or even audio, deciding what book to read next can be a very daunting task. There is nothing worse than spending a few hours with a book only to realize that it is just not for you. Some people just get frustrated altogether and stop reading. However, do not lose hope. The following are the best ways to find amazing new books:

  • Online Reviews and Services Many websites (and the people who run those websites) make a daily wage by helping you make the decision – for free. You can also find the same kind of service from many course descriptions for online college courses

  • Recommendations From Others – For us readers, taking other people's word for it has always been discouraged (LeVar Burton, for the win!), but no longer. Reading reviews from both novice readers and professional readers is a great way to get a grasp on your potential like or dislike. 

  • Libraries (and Librarians) – Librarians have to get a master's degree for a reason. They are there to help you find your next favorite book. Approach the librarian and tell them what books you like and have read in the past. A little half-sheet with Dewey decimals scrawled with a golf pencil is a treat indeed for any reader, so go for it!

  • Book Clubs – Can't decide which book to read, then join a book club. For better or worse, the decision will be made for you. The best part about having someone else make the decision for you is that if the book is terrible, you have a group of people who had the same dreary experience. Changing the book club location from coffee house to bar is a great idea when the topic of discussion will be, "Wow! That book sucked!" 

  • Inspirations of Your Favorite Authors – This is a tip from a literature insider. Read your favorite author's biography online or search for interviews and find out where his or her inspiration came from. The reverse system is also effective. Find out who your favorite authors inspired. For example, if you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien, you will find out that Robert Jordan's awesome epic, multivolume fantasy series was inspired by Tolkien's work. Or, if you are a fan of James Joyce, the you will find that Samuel Beckett was hugely inspired by Joyce, so perhaps check out Beckett's works.

  • Staying Within Genre – So, you know you are a sci-fi fan. Staying with the sci-fi genre will give your potential reading enjoyment a leg up. For example, you like Orson Scott-Card's “Ender's Game” series. Perhaps you will like C.S. Lewis' book, “Out of This Silent Planet” – another well-known and popular sci-fi trilogy.

  • Take College Courses in Literature – College courses will introduce you to a variety of authors and genres. Check out for more info on easy online courses on literature and fiction. 

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