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Gold Metal Summer by Donna Freitas

Gold Metal Summer by Donna Freitas
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher: Arthur A. Levine Books
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 240

Summary: Just in time for the Olympics: A gymnastics novel to flip for!

Joey Jordan loves gymnastics: the thrill of performing a backflip on the beam, the cheers of the audience when she sticks a landing. But even with all her talent and style, she's never quite made it to that gold medal stand.

Now big changes shake up Joey's life in and out of the gym. Joey wants to break out some daring new beam and floor routines--but she'll have to defy her strict coach to do it. Her best friend, Alex, is thinking about quitting gymnastics for good. And an old friend named Tanner just moved back to town, and he's suddenly gotten very, very cute. Can Joey handle all the challenges coming her way, and make her gold medal summer happen at last?

Drawing on her real-life experience as a competitive gymnast, acclaimed novelist Donna Freitas delivers both a terrific gymnastics story and a classic novel about stretching some limits, bending the rules, and finding your balance.

My Thoughts: Do you like gymnastics? Watch Make It Or Break It on ABCFamily? This book reminds me so much of Make It Or Break It, which I love.  

We are introduced to Joey who is into gymnastics. She wants to follow in her older sister Julia’s footsteps. She wants to be as great as her, but not retire like her.

Joey wants to win the Gold. Not the Silver or the Bronze, but the Gold.

Joey spends all of her time training, she doesn’t have time for anything else. As she watches her friend Alex give up the dream of gymnastics, it just encourages Joey to spend more time focusing on herself than other things such as boys.

But as a boy comes back to town named Tanner, Joey has a lot of decisions to make and fast! A gymnast must focus. She must not let boy drama stand in her way.

Joey knows she can be better, do better;  if only she had a better routine to fit her needs and talents so she goes behind her coach’s back and starts practicing with someone else. It’s just what she needs to win Nationals. With the support of her family (finally) and friends she believes this will be the chance she has been wanting for.

Gold Metal Summer was a fun read. I actually knew all the lingo for bends and tumbles because I have watched a few shows and read a few books about gymnastics. I wasn’t completely in the dark, I knew what Joey was talking about!!! I could see her doing the moves in my mind.

This novel was a bittersweet read. It made me so happy. I felt giddy for most of it wanting to succeed in this dream with her.

Overall: What can I say? This book actually had depth to it, but it was also quirky and fun. I liked experiencing Joey’s life with her. Joey was such a serious girl who had a bit of fun trapped inside her just waiting to get out. And the pool scene with Tanner, so cute.  I could easily relate to her. I loved how much it could change so quickly and how she had to handle it fast. Gold Metal Summer is a novel to read if you like competitive sports or have a gymnast inside you waiting to get out.

Cover: Love it! The way she is posing, duh it totally fits! Go Joey!!!

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