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Miracle by Elizabeth Scott

Miracle by Elizabeth Scott
Release Date: June 5, 2012
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 224

Summary: Megan survived the plane crash—but can she survive the aftermath? An intense, emotional novel from the author ofThe Unwritten Rule and Between Here and Forever.

Megan is a miracle. At least, that’s what everyone says. Having survived a plane crash that killed everyone else on board, Megan knows she should be grateful just to be alive. But the truth is, she doesn’t feel like a miracle. In fact, she doesn’t feel anything at all. Then memories from the crash start coming back.

Scared and alone, Megan doesn’t know whom to turn to. Her entire community seems unable—or maybe unwilling—to see her as anything but Miracle Megan. Everyone except for Joe, the beautiful boy next door with a tragic past and secrets of his own. All Megan wants is for her life to get back to normal, but the harder she tries to live up to everyone’s expectations, the worse she feels. And this time, she may be falling too fast to be saved....

My Thoughts: Geez, Geez, Geez. I hope some of you enjoy this book more than I did. I miss the old Scott. The contemporary novels that used to make me squee. I was sooo excited to get my hands on the new Elizabeth Scott, but I felt like this book had the same feel as As I Wake which was the book I liked the least of Scott's.

We are introduced to Megan who has survived a plane crash. She is the only one who walked away with a few bruises and scratches. Nothing too horrible. We get to experience the next few months with Megan unfolding what she went through, her memories slowing coming back about the crash, and the way she distanced herself from everyone and everything she loved.

There is also a boy in this story. His name is Joe and he is Megan's next door neighbor. He's a sweet boy. I really liked him but I never really felt Megan connect on a deeper level with him. Yes, he was a bit swoony but nothing like Scott's other past male characters.  Joe has his own tortured past so he knows what Megan is going through, to an extent.

Megan starts to lose everything she once held dear due to her pulling away from everything. Everyone thinks she is a miracle while she doesn't even know what made her so special or why she walked away when everyone else died.

I did like seeing Megan interact with her family. However, her mom and dad seemed pretty dense, and I wish they had acted up and tried to help more.

Honestly, Miracle was just an okay read for me. I did finish it and it had its moments but like I said above, I miss the older Scott books. I want her to go down that road again and write another contemporary that I fall in love with.

Miracle was an interesting look at surviving a plane crash and what it can do to you physically and mentally but I just didn't relate to this story or to Megan. I never really felt myself like her very much. I didn't like watching her throw everything away, I didn't like watching her sink fast. The thing I liked the most was Joe. Oh sweet Joe.

Overall: Liked it, it was okay, but didn't really do it for me. Gosh, I hope that next Scott book I read I fall madly in love over and have some fangirl squee moments.

Miracle is more like a 3.5 cupcake book for me. I hope you like it more than I did.

Cover: Like it, its a bit dark but it fits.

What I'd Give It:


Shane @ItchingforBooks said...

I like this story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

Addie R. said...

Thanks for the review. I haven't read and of Scott's previous books, but I was excited for Miracle.
That's too bad you didn't like it that much. I might still read it, but I won't be expecting much.
Great review! :)

The Insouciant Sophisticate said...

I love Scott's romances too but I'm glad she still experiments and tries different story I lines and themes. I wouldn't want her to repeat herself and I know that the PTSD is intensely personal for her (check out her blog for more info about that).


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