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Dangerous Boy by Mandy Hubbard

Dangerous Boy by Mandy Hubbard
Release Date: August 30, 2012
Publisher: Razorbill
Age Group: Young Adult

Summary: Harper’s new boyfriend Logan Townsend is everything she never knew she always wanted—tall, muscular, with tousled brown hair that falls effortlessly around his face. But what’s most exciting about Logan is that he’s exhilaratingly dangerous, and dating him allows Harper to say, “buh bye” to her good-girl past and “hello” to newfound adventure.

There’s only one problem with Harper’s otherwise heart-stopping romance: Logan’s twin brother Daemon. Harper knows he’s a bad seed, but she tries to look past his dark, icy stare and his chilling demeanor. After all, he and Logan are a package deal.

Then cow bones start appearing in people’s mailboxes, a flock of birds show up dead, and all of the cars in the senior parking lot are given flat tires—and covered with blood-red handprints. Logan insists that Daemon isn’t involved—sure, he’s had some trouble in the past, but they moved to Harper’s quiet northwest Washington town so that they could both start over.

Harper desperately wants to believe Logan, but the more he tries to protect his brother, the more she wonders what she isn’t being told. Now, Harper must unearth the hidden secrets of the mysterious Townsend brothers’ history if she and Logan are to have any hope of a future. But learning what brought Logan and Daemon to town won’t put just her heart in jeopardy... She’s playing with her life.

My Thoughts: What can I say about this one? I adore Hubbards books. I'm always thrilled to get my hands on them and I always adore them. I love her writing style, I love her characters, I always love them! I really enjoyed reading Dangerous Boy and I liked how it all ended but there were parts where I was one confused girl.

We are introduced to Harper who is smart but shy. She doesn't like to take risks, and always plays on the safe side. She has a close group of friends and of course a girl she doesn't get along with. She was a pretty likeable character for me. Than we are introduced to Logan. Logan is a new boy at Harper's school that she falls in love with. He moved to her tiny town a few months ago and they have been dating ever since. She doesn't know how he likes her so much, he's so out of her league.

Logan and Harper have a lot in common. They can relate to each other. Both have lost a parent (Logan lost two) and they understand each other.

One day, she meets his twin brother Daemon. Daemon is the complete opposite of Logan. While Logan is sweet, Daemon is ruthless and has gotten in a lot of trouble. He was expelled from his previous school.

Harper starts to get notes from a secret admirer, mean notes, threatening notes. Notes that say someone is watching her.

Other creepy events are happening around town as well which puts everyone on edge. Nobody knows who is doing them or why.

Harper tries to find out more about Daemon from Logan but Logan never wants to talk about. The one thing he does want to talk about is helping Harper get over her fears. She has a list of her deepest fears.

I enjoyed the book but it started to feel a little slow, and I wanted a turn of events, where something outrageous happened. I got my wish towards the end of the book. It was crazy. I won't go into spoilers but I was wondering if this was how it was going to take a turn. Logan and Daemon. It kind of creeped me out a little bit but I'm ok with how it went down and how it ended. Talk about creepy and insane and really "out there."

Dangerous Boy was definitely weird. But an crazy intense weird.

Overall: This book is kind of different when you think about it. I don't think it was as good as You Wish or Prada and Prejudice but it was a pretty good book. Its not really Hubbards main style. I'm giving it 4 cupcakes because I do think it was unique and a step over from her normal books.

Cover: I think the cover is really neat. I love the colors and how the girl is holding hands with one boy while another is in the distance. Also love the clouds and how it looks like its going to storm.

What I'd Give It:  

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