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Me And My Invisible Guy by Sarah Jeffrey

 Me And My Invisible Guy by Sarah Jeffrey
Release Date: February 5, 2013
Publisher: Amazon’s Children Publishing
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 240

Summary: The cheerleader who has everything . . . ? Mallory Dane has a great family (at least on the surface), is popular at school (as long as she doesn’t make waves), and dates an amazing boyfriend, Todd (who happens to be completely made up). Boys—and sex—are something Mallory just can’t deal with, so she created her “invisible guy” to avoid it all. But when Liam Crawford comes along—a real guy, flesh and bones and strumming his guitar—Mallory starts questioning her fictional relationship. Is she really willing to give up Todd for Liam? And can she make amends for the lies she’s told—even to her best friend, Tess? What if your biggest, most embarrassing secret was broadcast to the whole world? Letting go of her secret will be easier said than done, and Mallory will risk everything—her family, Tess, cheerleading, her reputation, and most of all, her heart.

My Thoughts: Another 2013 debut! We are introduced to Mallory who is a cheerleader, somewhat popular, and from a normal family. She has a mom, dad, and an older sister named Darby.

Mallory has went through a lot of things. To deal with some of them, she makes up a fake boyfriend. His name is Todd and he is pretty amazing for a fake boyfriend. She has lied so much about him it almost seems believable at times. She writes details about him in her little notebook so she doesn't ever mess up. She plans trips to go see him, she has pictures of them both (photoshoped of course). Its pretty convincing to the outside eye.

But then she starts to like another boy. A real life boy who goes to her school. His name is Liam! Liam was so nice and adorable. He goes to church, likes music, and is pretty amazing. Mallory isn’t sure what to do but she has to act fast before someone else snags him up!

Mallory’s life isn’t perfect. She has to deal with her sisters issues, her best friend Tess’s issues. She sure does have a lot going on! And then it comes out to the whole school. She is a virgin so that makes things even worst. Everyone finds out and it sucks for her.

This was a cute novel. I liked it I really did but I didn’t love it. The characters felt a little underdeveloped but the issues were pretty deep with everyone and really makes you think.

Overall: I liked certain aspects of it, and felt a little out off about other things. I just felt like it could have been a little shorter and would have been ok with me.  Being a virgin is cool Mallory! The relationship between Mallory and Liam was a little too fast. They instantly liked one another and that bugged me a little bit. I guess they didn’t have enough tension for me. HA.

I think this was still a nice read and I liked it enough. It was just ok but I did like certain points of it. This is probably more of a 3.5 for me. It was ok but a little better than ok but I didn’t love it.

Cover: I really like the cover. I like the colors and the way she is touching her hair! I think it fits pretty well.

What I’d Give It:

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