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I Kissed The Boy Next Door by Suzanne D. Williams

I Kissed The Boy Next Door by Suzanne D. Williams
Release Date: April 6, 2013
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 98

Summary: There’s a new boy next door. Then again, not so new. Because to Lucy McKinsey, he’s a face from her past and a childhood memory of summer camp and a dare. Kiss Jackson Phillips. But what a fourteen-year-old would do to impress her friends, changes in three years. Right?

Maybe not.

Yet this time Jackson isn’t the same as he was. He’s taller, more handsome, and far wiser. What is the pain that he carries inside? And can something as simple as a well-meant kiss cure the boy next door?

My Thoughts: I always go into these kind of books hoping to love them to pieces.

We are introduced to Lucy who is at summer camp and who gets a wild dare. To go up to a boy named Jackson, kiss him, and run away. She does this and soon after he moves away. Sad! But then a few years go by and he’s back in town, and he’s actually her neighbor. Whoa!

They soon continue to really get to know each other and things progress from there.

I really liked both Lucy and Jackson but I felt like something was missing. I liked this story but I just didn’t feel the real chemistry between them. Yes, they told each other they liked one another, and they kissed, but I never really felt like there was a lot of chemistry. Maybe it was just me.

This one was a cute story and I’m glad I read it, but I wasn't really that amazed by it. It was just ok to me. I’ll continue reading stories by this author and hope one of them will make me breathless! That is the goal!

Overall: It was just ok. I liked it but I didn’t finish the book and feel amazed by it.

Cover: Like it, its cute!
What I'd Give It:

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